In Ukraine will cut subsidies: changes are coming in may

Next year Ukraine will decrease the number of grantees. Starting this may decrease the social norms of consumption of heat, electricity and gas (if used for heating). Namely, these indicators are the basis of calculating the benefits of communal. Ukrainians will see the difference in the payment in the new heating season, writes UBR.

Factor gas

Now that the subsidies cover 330 cubic meters of gas for heating housing area of 60 squares. Normal want to reduce to 30 cubic meters. But if the actual consumption will remain the same, will have to pay 200 UAH.

There is another risk factor. The Cabinet already has a draft resolution on the revision of tariffs from April 2018 and can be taken in the near future. According to the document, the cost of natural gas without VAT will be 4 949 UAH. To adjust prices is planned every six months.

Member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of energy strategies Yuri Korolchuk noted that the economically justified tariff for gas will grow next year at 25-60% (8.5-11 thousand UAH). But if more expensive gas would need to be reviewed and tariffs for hot water and heating.

According to the expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky, the cost of gas in Ukraine should not exceed $ 160 (a little more than 4.3 thousand UAH) per thousand cubic meters, including all taxes, which is less than it is now.

“The domestic production covers 14.6 billion from 17.6 billion cubic meters of gas consumed by all municipal economy of Ukraine, therefore, to buy abroad only need 3 billion cubic meters at the price of more than 9 thousand UAH per thousand cubic meters,” Zemlyansky said.

Forced to pay

As explained in the Ministry of regional development, also plan to reduce the number of recipients of grants, because the money on all comers may not be enough. If the budget for 2017 for this purpose incorporated in the order of 50 billion UAH, really to need about 75 billion, i.e. 50% more.

Army of subsidianes should thin out the minimum wage increase to 3.2 thousand UAH, as well as the monetization of benefits. To develop an appropriate mechanism for calculating utility rebates, the officials plan this year.

“But even if it is not monetization, the number of Ukrainians receiving subsidies, in the next heating season will decrease. Mainly due to the recalculation of the minimum wage and reducing the social norms of consumption”, — said economic expert Alexander Okhrimenko.

The debt of Ukrainians for communal has already increased to 30 billion. If the rates will further increase, the debts of the population at risk to exceed 100 billion, experts predict.