In children with asthma the risk of developing obesity by 50% than the scientists

In children with asthma the risk of developing obesity by 50% higher than in healthy controls. This was reported by scientists from the University of southern California.

Their research, they published in the American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine.

It is noted that for the past 10 years, scientists have observed more than 2,000 children. At the beginning of the study obesity was not one of them, and asthma sick of 13.5%.

After 10 years, obesity has evolved out of six children, asthmatics and among these children was twice as high.

At the same time, the study revealed that the use of inhalers during attacks reduces the probability to obesity by 43%.

According to scientists, the problem is that due to issues with the breath in children is more difficult to do physical exercise and generally lead an active lifestyle. In addition, weight gain is a side effect of many medications from asthma.

Researchers are not yet able to give a precise answer to the question of whether asthma is one of the causes of obesity in children or, on the contrary, it develops in children who are overweight, or possibly both. The problem is aggravated by the fact that both diseases influence each other: asthmatics can’t exercise to lose weight, and obesity contributes to the further development of asthma.