How to pay men and women in leadership positions: disappointing figures

The situation with the salaries of men and women in Ukraine is surprising in the 21st century, men in managerial positions still get more than women.

This is the website that find out how different salaries are tops.

Judging by the salaries offered to the heads of both sexes, a celebration of “female” will not come soon: the long-established tradition of paying women less continues. And women are ready to ask for your experience and skills with smaller amounts.


With regard to the work tops, the situation is far from rosy. The most harmonious situation for Directors on staff – 14% of jobs account for 14% of the CV. Employers are actively in need of “captains of business”: General Directors, financiers, and narrow heads, the time has finally come for marketers and logisticians. Sales Director and IT Director still will have difficulties in employment due to a lack of a large number of jobs for them.

Significantly, very few women in many positions of top managers. For example, among commercial Directors and Directors of sales is only 20% and 24% of resumes from women candidates. The situation aligned in the field of marketing, Finance and personnel management, where the number of “female” summary reaches 43-57%.

Meanwhile, Polish MEP punished for sexist remarks.