Diet with a taste of summer: how to “unload” on smoothies


The abundance of fruits and vegetables and refraining from dolgoperiodnykh products to cleanse the body of toxins through the fiber and nourishing vitamins and minerals that will improve your metabolism, and as a result — will help you lose from 2 kg to 8 kg.

The consistency of the mashed potatoes will allow you to obtain from food nutrients: in such a mono-diet you need to eat a day about 2.5—3 kg of fruits and vegetables. It’s a lot in volume, but in brendirovannoj state the volume of such a quantity of products less at times.

Thus, smoothies are not distended stomach and accustom the body to small food portions. And this has a positive impact on the weight when the person gets out of the diet — he won’t overeat.

For best results diet should be at least three weeks, because of the shorter time the weight will drop slightly.

The bonus from the diet — getting rid of acne, eczema, hair loss and brittle hair, as it will improve hormonal balance and immune system function.


  • To exclude any animal products.
  • Can unlimited to drink smoothies from any fruit and vegetables or mixes.
  • For lunch allowed the blended vegetable soup and the afternoon tea — nuts.


Lyudmila Denisenko, nutritionist, member of the European Association for the study of obesity:

Yes, the liquid food is digested faster and the products of digestion are easier removed from the body. But the colon from the “unemployment” can “be lazy” and need to treat persistent constipation. Because dietary fiber in smoothies is actually there. Because the colon cleansing also not going to happen, as significant of getting rid of toxins.

With liquid diets no chewing: this leads to a decrease in the rate of salivation. As well as the role of more saliva and disinfection of the oral cavity from bacteria, the teeth will be covered with ugly bloom, and breath is still the same.

Fruits and vegetables — it’s fast carbs. Therefore, even when diet smoothie each hour (which is difficult to implement a working person that is away from the blender) permanent employees will be hungry — then high probability that it will be acceptable to overeat for the health of the pancreas the amount of nuts (no more than 4 pieces a day).

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As for weight loss, in our body there is a continuous replacement of cells in the young. The main building blocks are the proteins coming from the food. On diet smoothies when the regeneration process has not been canceled, the body has to take in proteins from our own “reserves”. Starts losing mass up to 10 kg: water — 2 kg faeces — 2 kg, muscle — 4 kg, fat — 2 lbs. after the diet, the body “knows” how long are you going to feed him nutritious food, so it will become intensively to store fat no other source of energy to stock up, he just can not! In the result, very soon the weight comes back and often more.

The mass of the protein, unlike fat, is recovering very slowly. Even faster, the body regains the water. And in 1-1,5 month returned 10 kg will be proportionally other: 2 kg water, 2 kg — m 2 kg — protein, and 4 kg fat. That is, 2 kg of muscles will replace the same amount of fat. And because apparently, for the same weight, you will look fuller than before the diet.

In addition, muscles and organs is the only place in the body where the energy recovery. Due to the fact that their weight was less than the level of the metabolism will be reduced by about 10% less. So, people have to eat as much less food than before. But who does it?

Hungry, one will eat off, further adding to fat stores. And further, if he chooses again to sit on smoothies or any other mono-diet, then after you exit it will look even fuller. After all, it will start when you increased the first time the proportion of fat mass. Because the more attempts to “sit” on smoothies and the longer the duration of the diet — the more weight gain.
Getting rid of acne and eczema during long periods of sitting on a diet is also unlikely to happen. Because for the harmonious working of the hormonal system necessary cholesterol and vitamin E, which in a smoothie, but to the immune — animal protein, so once it complete.

Thus, the lasting power smoothie is only possible when you add in protein, definitely easy. This curd, yoghurt, kefir and milk, the ratio of fermented milk products to smoothies to 1.5:1.

Smoothies pure you can eat only once in 7-10 days. One day a dramatic reduction in food the body will not have time to “get scared” seriously and received the next day, normal meals, more than usual, stocks will not do. And if fasting days will be system, they will enable the body to get rid of that “stale”, without side effects.