Developers in Ukraine are increasingly deceiving with the size of the apartment

Developers in Ukraine, increasingly make agreements with buyers of apartments additional items, according to which the latter are required to pay extra money in addition to those already made for housing, writes

As told to the analyst consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki most common pattern is the blatant extortion of money for “extra” square meters. For example, the buyer pays at the stage of signing the contract 80 sq. m, and when the housing is ready, he intends for 5-10 squares more and asking for them to pay.

“Only in Kiev with extra meters every second apartment. But similar cases occur across the country,” added Kostecki.

But in fact the apartment is not always really feel so much greater, as claimed by the developer. And to pay at times to have a tidy sum.

For example, as the lawyer-real estate consultant Ivan Kudoyarov, his client paid of 84.8 square meters, but after measuring the developer, the apartment was more than 3.9 square meters and more 84 thousand UAH. And, according to the agreement, to pay the remaining amount needed for 10 days. But the buyer decided to check out the developer honesty. Since access to the apartment was only the representative of the Builder, had to bribe and to obtain access to housing. A future owner with a certified technician and BTI had the designers not to frighten off “looking” for apartments.

“The task of the engineer was to call the true square footage. The new sheets we were surprised: the housing area is indeed increased, but only 1.2 square meters. The next day, with the obtained data we were already at the head of the sales Department with a proposal to hold another control measurement of the apartment. After a few days the developer has agreed to pay only those 1.2 square”, — said Kudoyarov.

According to experts, declared developer footage of the apartment may differ from the actual 5-10%. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that buyers are not always allowed in the apartments to verify the figures independently.

“Many buyers are forced to agree to pay the difference, believe the developer’s word. As a rule, in panel houses the final square footage is not much different from those stated above. Most often this sin monolithic-frame buildings. Typically, the error on the contract is allowed from 0.1 to 1 sq m. For what more you have to pay to the buyer” — says Kostecki.

But that’s not all gimmicks, who are builders of housing. A prescribed in the contracts clauses which oblige the customer to pay a fee for the assignment of rights to the apartment, notarization of documents and other additional services that are not included in the amount spent on the apartment.

“In the suburban housing estates, for example, are sometimes asked to pay separately the installation of the boiler, although the plan is there, and so he provided initially. The problem is that the Treaty mostly designed to protect only the rights of developers, and there are written paragraphs that clearly violate the rights of consumers and are simply semi-legal. For example, you may be asked to sign dopoguerra with intermediary companies, which are in fact companies-pads,” he said Kudoyarov.