Children of ex-officials and deputies to enter higher education on forged results of testing, – GPU

Among students admitted to universities on forged results of external independent evaluation, there are children of the former leadership of several ministries and MPs. About it at the enlarged session of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on science and education said the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General Alexander Novikov, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“Of these 200 people, the vast majority of children of the employees of the Verkhovna Rada, people’s deputies of the previous convocation, including separate first leaders of the Verkhovna Rada. Among them are former heads of the GPU, the Ministry of internal Affairs, the Ministry of defence. I call those bodies, which recorded dozens of cases of such actions. Including State financial inspection, now – the State audit service of Ukraine – first the leaders,” – said Novikov.

The Prosecutor said that the falsification of test results began in 2008, when passing VNO has become a prerequisite of admission to universities.

According to him, participation in the forgery of the results of testing took almost the entire management team of the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment (uceqa), except for the current Director of the center (Vadim Carandia. – Ed.) as well as individual leaders Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk regional centers of educational quality assessment. Changes of EIT has been reported in the work of Lviv and Donetsk centers.

He said that persons who are directly involved in the falsification of results “mathematically analyzed how to improve the score so as not to spoil the mathematical picture of the UPE”.

Novikov said that over 100 people were expelled from budget hotels to training for the use of forged points clearly to these places was enrolled those applicants who had a right to according to the test results.

In 2015 in Ukraine introduced a new system of determining the results of testing.