Watch the fake: how to “escape” from counterfeit banknotes and banknotes which are obliged to take in the stores

In Ukraine for every million genuine Bank notes have three false. According to the National Bank in 2016 from money circulation withdrew 7750 fake bills. Most scammers used conventional inkjet and laser printers to spot a fake can with the naked eye. However, sometimes to identify fake money without special equipment is extremely difficult. On average, every Ukrainian holding “hands” of 70 bills of different denominations and any risks to get to the store or pharmacy “surrender” is printed on the printer in UAH. The website “Today” found out what the banknotes most commonly counterfeited in Ukraine and how to know the fake.

As falsifiziert money

The higher the denomination of the bill, the better it is protected. To forge one hryvnia significantly easier than denominations of 500 hryvnia. But, despite this, it “ll think” enjoys the counterfeiters the most popular. To commit, a criminal offence to waste expensive paper for forgery five hryvnia would not be in a hurry. So, according to the NBU, in 2016-m to 38.4% of all seized counterfeit banknotes face value of 500 hryvnia, 25,9% – 50 hryvnia, and 20.5% – false 100-hryvnia banknotes.

The Ukrainian currency is not counterfeited as often as, for example, euros, said Deputy head of the organization of production and protection of money and the forms of securities of the Department of monetary circulation of the NBU Valery in stitching. “The situation with counterfeit banknotes of the national currency is controlled and has menacing character,” – said in stitching.

If the fraudsters fake hryvnia using a conventional printer, in the best case possible to reproduce the color and design of banknotes, while such a bill will be easy to recognize by the absence of optical variable inks, watermarks, protective tapes, embossed images, etc.

“Using the copier or computer equipment, in particular inkjet and laser printers, can reproduce the overall design and color scheme of the banknote. It does not reproduces the individual protection elements, in particular optical variable inks”, – says Valery in stitching.

First and foremost, suggest in NBU, you need to pay attention to the watermarks (to consider the bill against the light). On this note, you may notice multi-color watermark image of the portrait, which replicates the portrait printed on the obverse of the banknote and the light element watermark – a digital designation of nominal value or a graphic sign of the hryvnia.

Also pay attention to:

  • end-to-end item – the image is made in one place on the obverse and reverse sides of the banknote;
  • latent image – a digital designation of nominal value, it can be seen when the banknote is viewed at an acute angle to the light source;
  • images made by optically variable inks that change color when the banknote is viewed at different angles to the touch you can feel the relief of individual images;
  • using a magnifying glass to examine the font – if it consists of points of different colors – a fake;

The rights and obligations of Ukrainians

Counterfeit bills cannot be exchanged, however, if the bill is worn out, damaged or described – it must be exchanged at the Bank for free. In addition, if the drawings, stains, writing or tears occupy no more than ¼ of the bill, the money must, according to the NBU, to take in stores, pharmacies, etc.

If bill is so worn that it is difficult to determine its value, it is possible to carry in any Bank. It is important to have a damaged banknote, to determine the denomination, series and number. “All the banknotes a long time in circulation will eventually lose its original appearance,” – says Valery in stitching.

Banks can convert the money:

  • if there are no doubts in their authenticity;
  • if you can identify the nominal value;
  • if the missing part of the banknote may not be accepted for exchange

If the bill, which was brought to the Bank, it is impossible to determine the value, it is badly damaged, e.g. by fire, the Bank must send the money in the Bank. There conduct the examination, after which money can be exchanged for a new one.

Bills without series, numbers, denominations are not subject to exchange. “Banknotes on which there are signs of intentional damage (holes, cut, scribbled with a washed out picture), which makes it impossible to determine the authenticity and denomination, and which have no number and series, are not accepted in payment or exchange by banks”, – stated in the NBU.

We will remind, the national Bank plans to introduce a bill in nominal value of 1000 hryvnia.
“Say, who [is] depicted [on the banknote of 1000 UAH], it is impossible. Because all of the documents on this bill to bring the red folder “top secret”. But I think the intrigue we hold long,” – said Deputy head of the NBU Dmitry Sologub Sologub. At the same time, he noted that the calculations of the national Bank showed the feasibility of introducing such a large bill.