I think I hear you say, “Yes, we were not to go”. Brakcet took place, France tells about Rexite, Greece — the Grex, Assitalia — on approach… And Turkey? Turkey is not a member of the Union to argue for an exit…

Yes, we are not a member of any political or monetary Union of Europe, which is more than half a century keeps us on the threshold, but for 21 years we are in a customs Union. Now we are discussing our membership in this Association, and we talk about the future of the customs Union.

Obviously, in an ageing and decreasing Europe’s “age of recovery” came to an end after the global crisis of 2008 began the “era of stagnation”, and, finally, Brexton came the “recession”.

The crisis in relations with Europe, first with Germany and then the Netherlands, apparently, concerning the process of modernization of the customs Union. We have long questioned the agreement, this time the European Commission has proposed to update the agreement.

Okay, but what is included in this upgrade?

What is this new version, which we can call “customs Union 2.0”? At first glance it seems that it would benefit Turkey, but I don’t think so. Given the track record of the EU, it is impossible to be completely certain.

We are the fifth largest trading partner of the EU in the volume of transactions in the amount of 140 billion euros.

But the main problem is that the EU is, metaphorically speaking, sees pleasant dreams associated with Turkey.

Moreover, their actions “out of diplomacy, of law, of etiquette,” he raised the mentality of the crusaders.

So, attack of the Netherlands at the behest of Germany will force us to doubt not only the EU membership, but also in the continuation of the customs Union. If in the near future the Netherlands will not apologize, as Germany and other EU countries do not change their hostile attitude towards us, we can enter the process of Trexima.

Invite appropriate agencies, and especially private business, to carefully study the scenario of the emergence of Turkey from the customs Union, to analyse the consequences and to begin to develop an alternative policy.

I remember that the document volume of 80 thousand pages on the customs Union, which we joined in 1996, two years after the decision, we started to translate to Turkish language only two years after its signing.

When will Transit on the outcome of a possible referendum, let’s not repeat past mistakes and to take measures in advance.