Renowned psychiatrist put “diagnosis” of the Ukrainian politicians

Ukrainian policy with respect to mentally healthy people, however, there are some with their features. About this on air of the TV channel NewsOne was told by the President of the Association of psychiatrists of Ukraine Semyon Gluzman.

According to him, the main “problem” of politicians in their morals, and they are quite “healthy and head them all right.”

“It is we, Ukrainians, select them, and then say: “Who do we choose!”. They are all healthy, however there are some peculiarities. But these features are not psychiatric, but psychological. Most of them don’t really want to be bad, but it turns out there with them,” said Gluzman.

A psychiatrist separately estimated the political force of the “radicals” Lyashko and personally.

“There are still people like Lyashko, who is completely open and can be anything you want. This is the man who today serves one master, and tomorrow another, and says what he wants without worrying about it. These policies too, but in civilized countries they long to be politicians”, – concluded the expert.

Also Semyon Gluzman called the “black” politician in the history of Ukraine. In his opinion, this is the third President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, who has missed the most real chance in the history of independent Ukrainian state to change the life of Ukrainians.