Double message to Russia

The American administration is going through hard times. The President of the United States Donald trump lashed out at the intelligence apparatus, and the mass media of the United States, and the state apparatus was immersed in attempts to tarnish the image of the President of trump by allegations by some in the administration in contacts with Russia before the presidential election.

In these circumstances, Donald trump almost did not get the opportunity to develop a new strategy for his country’s foreign policy that put America in a state of internal confusion. At the moment the situation turns to the government, whose plans included the involvement of the administration of three military conflicts in order to bring the President and his administration to fail.

In these circumstances, Russia had two very important meetings that are important for determining the future political and military situation in the region. The first was a meeting with the enemy, the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu, the second President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It is interesting that in both meetings the main issue for discussion was the Syrian issue.

Netanyahu arrived in Moscow accompanied by several senior Israeli officers and leaders of the Israeli research centers. The main purpose of this visit was to promote the idea of the existence of the Iranian threat and the availability of historically this country has intentions to eliminate Israel.

The reaction of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin were shocking: his answer was a strong “slap in the face” to Netanyahu. He looked as though he had been doused with cold water in the intense cold of the Russian winter, when Putin said: “we Need to get rid of these fictions and fantasies. Such stories have their place and time, but is already behind us. We must work to resolve pressing issues in the world and to resolve crises in the region. We live in a new world that is rapidly evolving, and we need to strive to achieve a better future.”

Putin told Netanyahu to find a solution that would protect Israel from the threat of extinction, and insisted on the world — before it is too late, and Israel will lose any chance for a peaceful settlement.


The meeting, which is no less important than the meeting with Netanyahu was held in Moscow between Vladimir Putin and President of Turkey Recep Erdogan amid neopredelennoi role that Ankara plays lately.

Interestingly, the composition of the Turkish delegation in addition to Erdogan was the foreign Minister and defense Minister Fikri Işık, and the army chief of staff Hulusi Akar and head of intelligence Hakan Fidan. Turkey is making a clear attempt to persuade Russia in its desire to participate in the liberation of Raqqa to get your piece of the pie regardless of the outcome, especially when on the horizon looms Astana.

At a press conference held with the participation of presidents of both countries, Vladimir Putin has not casually waited for the opportunity to mention Iran. It was not a coincidence. Putin deliberately wanted to remind Erdogan that Iran and Russia are partners in any settlement, and Erdogan need to work within the framework of this partnership. Otherwise, Turkey must make a choice. It’s either coordination with Russia, where she will remain under Russian leadership and to participate in the implementation of measures to combat terrorism, including the need for cooperation with Iran as a partner or an exit from economic, political and even military partnerships.

It is worth noting that between Russia and Turkey were signed several economic agreements, but their implementation remains in limbo until Russia convinced Turkey’s position.

The President of Russia confirmed the commitment to the territorial integrity of Syria, saying that this is an important condition for resolving the crisis in Syria.
Putin’s words are quite explicit and clear message to Erdogan and Netanyahu. It lies in the fact that there will be no Kurdish zone or safe areas under Turkish control in the North of Syria, nor a security zone under the control of the enemy — Israel in southern Syria.

While Putin appealed to Netanyahu and Erdogan, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Syria sent a complaint to the UN at the flagrant violation of Syrian sovereignty by Turkey.

The Russian General staff announced that the Syrian Arab army won an important victory, freeing large areas from the terrorists captured the town of Manbij and the banks of the Euphrates river for the first time since the beginning of the crisis in the North, thereby blocking Turkey’s path to realizing her dreams in life. Syrian Arab army has made a major breakthrough and has changed the situation, thereby forcing Erdogan to change his dream, pushing him to the side of the solution, which can be quite sweet. He will either have to accept the decisions agreed upon in Astana jointly with Russian and Iranian partners, either to return back into the arms of the administration of Donald trump, with its exhausted allies.In the latter case, Erdogan pridesa become a person who is forced to pay personally for their decisions and their consequences in addition to the price he will pay for the arrogance and treachery.