Scaparotti: the U.S. and NATO in Estonia is a response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine

The United States will remain faithful to the transatlantic allied relations, assured the commander of U.S. forces in Europe, General Curtis, Scaparrotti (Curtis Scaparrotti) staying in Estonia on a visit.

“Hosted in Estonia NATO troops and the United States are a response to Russia’s aggression in Crimea in Ukraine and its negative impact,” he said at a press conference in Tallinn on Tuesday.

“Our presence and teachings are verified steps to curb the defense was proportionate,” said the General, who is also commander of the armed forces of NATO in Europe.

“To support Estonia and the Union of States we are constantly Rotherham during operation Atlantic Resolve new parts, improve the infrastructure,” to strengthen allied relations in Europe, he said.

As reported in the press service of the defence forces of Estonia, in the course of the visit, Scaparrotti met with the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid (Kersti Kaljulaid), defense Minister Margus Zahka (Margus Tsahkna), the commander of the defence Forces General Riho by Terracom (Riho Terras), Chairman of the parliamentary Commission on national defense by Hannes Hanso (Hannes Hanso).

Discussed issues related to security and put U.S. troops in Europe.

The decision on the deployment of allied forces in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland was made at the NATO summit in Warsaw in June last year.

To lead the international battalion in Estonia, the UK, and its members are also part of France and Denmark – a total of about 1,200 soldiers.