The Polish Ambassador has offered his solution to the conflict in the Donbas

The Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine Jan Pieklo believes that the settlement of the conflict in the Donbas should also involve the United States of America and neighboring Ukraine, the country in particular, Poland.

“There is an opinion that we should work together with colleagues from the United States to think about the solution to the problem of war in Ukraine. …No neighbors – is not only Poland, but also Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia – no neighbors difficult to solve such problems. This is not a security problem only of Ukraine, it is also the issue of security of Poland, Romania is the problem of our joint security,” the Ambassador told reporters on Tuesday in Kyiv.

He also noted that during the joint visit of foreign Ministers of UK and Poland – Boris Johnson and Witold Waszczykowski in Kiev received a signal about the fact that these countries are ready to participate in solving the conflict in the Donbass. “The Minsk agreements don’t work like we wish they worked. It was a signal, but was not an alternative format,” – said the diplomat.

Earlier the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski said that most European Union countries support the renewal of economic sanctions against the Russian Federation.