“Terminally ill” the killer of the girl in Nikolaev spotted at nightclub media

The inhabitant of Nikolaev Alexey Kazimirov, who in 2011 brought down to death the girl and was released from prison in connection with the “deadly disease,” remarked a nightclub. Photos and videos of a man with a “brain tumor” appeared in a Crime.NO.

As can be seen in photographs taken on the night of 20 may, Kazimirov looks more than healthy. He drinks alcoholic beverages and fun in the company of women.

“Again it shows how good it is to live in the freedom party, cocktails. Everyone would be terminally ill to be healthy,” said the eyewitness.

The network has already raised a wave of indignation from-for appeared information, transfers “observer”.

“This is the face of corruption in Ukrainian law enforcement and judicial system. This – Alexey Kazimirov, brought down on his Mercedes 20-year-old girl and left her to die on the road. This is the man who should be in Darovskoy penal colony of the Kherson area from 19 April 2012 to 12 November 2017” – emotionally wrote in his Facebook the journalist Andrey lokhmatov. He also reminded that the diplomat was released in 2012 as a “man with a growing and progressive brain tumor” and continued to ride behind the wheel despite the fact that “it is a tumor on the eye pressure and he sees almost nothing”.

Members of the journalist exploded with indignant comments.

“He’s really sick. Where people have a soul, he has a tumor,” said a user Delino Dav.

Some said that in fact, the face of corruption – not cassimeres, and judges and doctors, whose signatures are on the documents, by which he was released.

Inhabitants of Nikolaev added that he had repeatedly seen the man drunk driving.

“Remember that mud ka. Did the investigation. I was in the same colony. In a strange way at the moment of our arrival to the colony arrived, the then Prosecutor of the region. And even tried to give us cognac)) Tsyganenko definitely have to return to jail,” wrote a famous journalist Roman Bochkala.

Recall, February 21, 2011 at about 11:00 in Nikolaev Alexey Kazimirov, being at a wheel “Mercedes” I brought down 20-the summer inhabitant of Nikolaev Yulia Kalancheva, and then left her to die on the road and left.

In January 2012, the judge of the Central district court of Nikolaev Andrey Rudyak was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.

However, in Darovskoy penal colony of the Kherson area Kazimirov was only a couple of months – in July 2012 a judge of the Belozersky district court of the Kherson area Sergey Samchuk ordered the release of Alexey Kazimirov from detention due to severe fatal disease. Thus, the convict escaped being in jail for 5 years 3 months 22 days – today he would still be in the colony until November 2017.

The doctor Darevskii penal colony №10 Yuri Filimonov has dokladal in court that Kazimirov diagnosed with a glial brain tumor, that cannot be cut, with the continued growth and lesion of subcortical structures, partial atrophy of disks of optic nerves of both eyes.

– It was a condition of average weight, closer to heavy. Constant fatigue, loss of consciousness, malaise. It needs to be treated only in scientific research Institute of neurosurgery in Kiev, – said then Yuri Filimonov.
26 APR 2012 in a hall of Appellate court of the Nikolaev area the judges had to make a break in the meeting, because Kazimirov said that he “thinks nothing, almost sees nothing and he has a strong headache”.

After the verdict, the convict’s sister Zinaida Kazimirov said that the prison for her brother with such a diagnosis is a death, and accident, which he did – it was an accident and “it could happen to anyone”.

The lawyer brought down to death the girl Vladimir Timoshin also then said that Kazimirov need to do the operation, and that in prison he will not be able to provide the necessary medical care.

“The fact that Kazimirov is terminally ill, says the Institute of neurosurgery, Kiev, in 2006, where he did the surgery, but in 2007 he did radiation, then took in the head of a special apparatus – a pear, from which is pumped the liquid. He half cavity head is this device-pear. Therefore, we can analyze, terminally ill or not. And all are journalists write that it’s done, for taking bribes and so on,” said the lawyer Timoshin.
The chief physician of Hospital of ambulance of the city of Nikolaev Alexander Demyanov also at that time concluded that Kazimirov, there was a gradual growth of the tumor, resumed headaches, there has been a violation of fields of view, tumor was pressed against the surrounding nerves that affect movement, on the sensitivity of the extremities.

However, as soon as Alexey Kazimirov was released from prison, his condition has improved dramatically – he again began to ride in cars, go to Nightclubs and walk around the city, it is not showing those symptoms, he said in court and told by the doctors.

29 March of this year Alexey Kazimirov at a wheel of the car “Skoda” in the center of Nikolaev, on crossing of streets Moscow and Big Sea, crashed into a taxi, and then fled.

Before that, on 6 September 2016, the patrol police caught him on the street Small Sea in the area of crossing of streets of Chkalov behind the wheel of the Skoda Octavia.

In 2015, Kazimirov was again seen at the wheel of the car “Skoda” silver state room ВЕ2368ВІ, and then, after a few days, the traffic police chase after him through the city, arrested him and issued him 4 administrative record. At the same time, “progressing tumor of a brain”, allegedly, did not prevent Alex Kazimirov to get involved in “grass”, which police then found in the cabin of his car.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor of nikolayevshchina Taras Dunas does not want to check the help for the “terminally ill” Kazimirov came out of prison, despite the fact that in the spring of 2015 the Prosecutor’s office of the Nikolaev area officially reported that they will focus on validation of medical documents, based on which Alexey Kazimirov was released from punishment.