TOP 10 unusual cars Lincoln

Lincoln appeared in 1917 Henry Leland, but five years later, the little company absorbed a Ford, and since Lincoln is the brand under which Ford produces cars and shows of the highest class. Over a 100-year history of the brand name Lincoln has been very interesting machines – Popular Mechanics.

Lincoln XL-500 (1953). One of the many design of experiments, Ford 1950-ies. In addition to the “outer” appearance, XL-500 had built-in phone, voice recording and push-button gear shifting on the steering wheel, as in “Formula-1”. The car was shown at the Chicago auto show of 1953, but let’s be honest, lost in the mass of similar design principle concept cars.

Lincoln Futura (1955). Two years later, was shown “the heir” XL-500, model Futura coupe with transparent fiberglass hood of the cab. The car on the chassis of the Continental Mark II was successful — used in its design features later appeared in the models of Lincoln Premiere, Lincoln Capri, Mercury Monterey and Ford Galaxie. The fate of the concept is entertaining: in 1966 it was bought by the famous Customizer George Barris, just received from the Studio order for a very rapid development… the “Batmobile” for a series about Batman. In a matter of weeks he completely changed the face of the Lincoln Futura, turning it into the classic Barris Batmobile — in this form it has reached our days.

Lincoln Indianapolis (1955). Italian designer Felice Marino Boano was friends with Henry Ford II, who at the beginning of 1955 ordered the Italian original body serial chassis Lincoln to see if I could get to work in the brand’s European design. Boano entrusted the job to his son, Gian Paolo, and came to light Indianapolis, the most unusual concept Lincoln 1950’s. the Car made its debut in Turin, while walking in the hands of collectors, almost entirely burned down in the 1980s and was restored in the 2000s.

Lincoln Mark I (1973). The Mark series of cars began in 1956 under a separate brand Continental, then moved to Lincoln — and ended with the eighth (!) generation in 1998. But in the mid-1970s Italian Studio Ghia invited to rethink the concept and presented under our own brand model Lincoln Mark I (at the time the production was generation Mark IV — but the series has started with the Mark II, Ghia, and therefore decided to go back and use the unused room). In fact, it was extensively redesigned Ford Granada German production, and the grille was clearly copied from Mercedes-Benz. Ford concept was not accepted.

Lincoln Continental Concept 100 (1983). The vision of the car of the future Ford sample 1980s. Aerodynamic shape, halogen bulb (1983 — just revolution), heated front window, heated seats and the doors opening to the thumb drive (note the lack of door handles).

Lincoln Quicksilver (1983). Aerodynamic experiment, ordered by “Ford” Atelier Ghia — this car was part of a research project under the title Ford Probe. Elegant sedan with a V6 engine, was presented at the Geneva motor show until 1986-regularly appeared at various auto shows. Interestingly, in 2014, the company sold the car at a charity auction, and today the concept car is in a private collection.

Lincoln Sentinel (1996). Conceptual layout (a full-fledged “Centinela” did not exist), inspired by the forms of classic Lincoln of the beginning of the 1960s. it was Assumed that in this direction will move the design of the Ford cars of the highest class.

Lincoln Navicross (2003). The concept sport-utility vehicle, even the name of the prototype is a mixture of words Navigator (serial jeep Lincoln) and “cross”. Interestingly, the company tried to keep the luxury style, and even used Zagrebelny suspension rear doors that SUV is more than strange.

Lincoln Mark X (2004). A spectacular attempt to revive the Mark series, which has already been discussed above. Striking beauty concept, designed by leading brand designer Marek Rahmana were subsequently sold at auction Sotheby’s for $129,000.

Lincoln C (2009). Family-friendly city car with a 1.6-liter engine is not the style of Lincoln. Just under this brand has provided a future production model Mercury. But since the Corporation after a few years, the Mercury brand was liquidated as such, the model remained a concept car.