The judge bandura about the notorious photo with bright make-up: “Jokes I will survive”

On the days of ordinary judge of Malynovskogo district of Rivne region Alla bandura woke up famous. Reason — in the network appeared the official photo with bright makeup and hairstyle surpises. The immediately spread throughout the network. The country’s traditionally split into two camps: on the one hand thousands of Internet users began to ridicule the appearance of the judge, the other — to protect the lady, requiring offenders to apologize to the woman. “Today,” found Alla Petrovna and found out how she copes with the sudden “fame”.

IN HASTE. Lives and works 57-year-old Alla bandura in a small district Mlyniv, where for 31 years dispenses justice. However, recently health was not good, and the judge is now on sick leave. “That I suddenly became the star of social media, I learned from my little niece — says Alla Petrovna. — She called me and started crying into the phone. Asked: “Aunt, you don’t get fired?” At first I didn’t even know what it was, until it became clear that the blame for the ill-fated photo. Had to assure that nothing bad will happen”. But about the picture itself Alla Petrovna told us the story of its creation. The picture was taken for official publications of the judiciary about 10 years ago. “We have considered the case, and then we were told that the photographer came. I in haste had brought makeup. Had to go back to work. So this photo — says the judge. But in General I take care of myself. Like every woman, I love to be with hair. Do not allow yourself to appear on the street unkempt. Haircut I have a short, but by nature lush hair. In addition, I love to and in was.” Alla Petrovna adds that the judge should be psychologically prepared for any situation in your life, so she tries not to be nervous. “I’m not mad at the wits from the network. It’s just weird that because of some bad make-up have to listen to jokes, but nothing — will survive, — said Alla bandura. — I even forgive the man who first circulated the photo. Although it would be more honest to just before publication, he asked my opinion. And it seems that he pursued any particular interest.”

THE FATE OF THE JUDGE. Colleagues of Alla Bandura told us that she is a person of persistent and strong. In 2005, her life has been attempted, the criminals, wishing to revenge for the severe sentence. The very same Pandora we confirmed it. “I was attacked in my apartment. One of the attackers climbing over the balcony, pulled a knife and said, “open the door, the lads came to judge over you.” Me then 12 times struck with a knife — one hit went in millimeters from the heart…” — said the judge. According to the investigation, the attack occurred because of professional activities. “One of the accused was the son of a woman, the case which I have considered. I suffered stress and has health problems,” said us Alla Petrovna.

By the way, the Declaration of the judge is quite modest. Bandura belongs to the apartment 80 sq. m, her annual salary — a little more than 248 thousand UAH, and in 2014 she repays the loan in the amount of slightly more than 61 thousand UAH.