The court in the Hague will not become Russia’s second Nuremberg, did not expect

“Putin will be judged” — optimistically said the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko, anticipating the consequences of decisions of the International court of justice in the Hague on the claim of Ukraine against Russia. According to him, the Ministry of justice collected a large amount of evidence against Russia, which has already sent to the court. These documents are calendar diary human rights violations on the part of Russia which was recorded in the Crimea and the Donbass. Even set on victory experts understand that the process will take years, but still in the end they see the Russian President in the dock. Preferably in handcuffs.

The phrase “Putin in the Hague!” for three years, turned into a meme and is actually the overwhelming desire to replace the reality. Because the world is real, and Putin is doomed to live to a ripe old age and die peacefully in his bed, and buried with honors in the Kremlin wall, not far from his idol, Joseph Stalin. Next to Lenin won’t put him a separate mausoleum also will not build, as it is not sought to this caustic satire. The modern world first encountered the phenomenon that in the language of Russian criminals is called “above” — when caught red-handed at the scene begins to deny the obvious and not take any proof of guilt.

Tom’s conclusions and after hours of reading of a sentence he always says briefly: “It’s not me”. The anecdote about the missile system found “rebels” in the mines of the Donbass — an eloquent example. Because even realizing the absurdity of the situation, the Chairman of the Ukrainian delegation in the International court Elena zerkal wrote on his page on Facebook: “do Not trifle with the Russian representatives. Every word is seriously taken into account by the judges.” Even this insanity about “Buki” in the mines, because the rules of Russia is to play without rules.

The problem is also that the individual offender is then still possible to hold in isolation from society, in contrast to the President’s armed to the teeth of the state, which, all, has huge financial resources to bribe those who can not be intimidated. Petrodollars to Russia the same weapons, like nuclear and unlike nuclear warheads, can be applied quietly and safely for themselves and, most importantly, daily. This does not mean that Putin will bribe the court of justice to have decided in favor of Ukraine. Hundreds of “friends of Russia” in Europe, America and the world will begin aloud to question the objectivity of judges. After all, to support Russia and to seek friendship with Putin while not considered an act, for which in a decent society will not give a hand out of all the gentleman’s clubs.

If the reading of the wording, Ukraine accuses Russia is not in violation of state borders and military invasion and subsequent occupation, and the violation of human rights in the occupied territories and the support of illegal armed groups and the financing of terrorism. Okay, let the supply of weapons and military equipment can still be proved, but a legal trap here is that the arms trade is legal, if, pardon the tautology, it is legal. However, allegations of human rights abuses in the occupied territories may mean the following. To the right of the population of Crimea and ORDO not violated, that is, if everyone were given monthly hands on a large sum of money and they all in unison praised Russia claims of Ukraine to aggressive neighbour would not have had a reason.

Ukrainians want to see in the Hague is something like Nyurnberskogo process over Nazi Germany. The Nazis declared criminal ideology, but the Communists, no less culprits in the outbreak of the Second world war, the court avoided as the winner. Not held the trial of the Communists after the collapse of the Soviet Union, so on its ruins rose the present Russia, which successfully adopts the tactics of the Bolsheviks: they unleashed over the last one hundred years, dozens of wars of different scale, but no one has claimed responsibility. Because of this, the first real step that will bring Putin to the dock, would not be a decision regarding the court of justice of the Ukrainian claim, while another solution: to equate Communists to the Nazis, even after half a century. And based on this to isolate a nation whose policy is based on the restoration of the USSR. Prohibition of Soviet and non-Soviet should work the same way as the prohibition of the Nazi and then Russia today can look with new eyes.