Ukraine: dive into darkness

We are so attentive to political corruption and the battles that the real #zrada passes quietly. Unbeknownst to society was very sharp increase in electricity prices for street lighting. The national Commission for energy regulation since the beginning of year canceled the reduction factors for rates for needs of street lighting. First, the ratio was 0,25, 0,4 then, then was increased to 0.6. And now all cancelled. And now for the light of the lamps, the local authorities from the local budgets to pay 2-2,4 hryvnia per kW/hour. This is the maximum rate for industrial enterprises. It now extends to external lighting. This is more than the rate for the apartments (there is 1.4 kW/hour). Although always tariffs for street lighting and electric transport was the smallest.

What does it mean? It’s simple — the country is shining on the streets even less lights than last year. I think that many people could have noticed. This means that Ukraine, already the darkest country in Europe, and then plunged into darkness. This means more pedestrians and cyclists will be hit by the machines and the machines themselves more fly into a ditch. This means that on the streets hooligans and other crime in the dark city streets more guys will run up on Gopnik and get for nothing in the face, and with a large number of women will pull off the chains torn from the ears earrings, and hand bags and phones. That means more drunken fights. Even if not extreme, it just means that a greater number of people simply did not go out of the house, and a larger number of children will reduce the time walking in the street. For the economy this means that significantly fewer people in the evening after work will spend the money.

And paradoxically, the decision to raise the prices for street lighting are absolutely absurd and economically inefficient country.

Ukrainian power at night to produce a serious surplus of electricity. This is, basically, a nuclear power plant. The reactors should work more or less equally, and can’t be stopped overnight, when no industry, no offices, no housing does not need electricity. The electricity need somewhere to put it. This is a serious problem. And that street lighting partially solves this problem. Almost everywhere in Europe the night rate for street lamps with reduced, or even free. And only Ukraine goes against the trend. Why? Because electricity providers really need the money. But the real interests of the people — in tenth place.

But to do quite the opposite. Dramatically reduce the cost of street lighting. Our generation allows it. It is necessary to invest in new lighting. To put it bluntly: to put lights, where possible. In our country every town and district have developed a program of street lighting. And it is not very expensive.

The cost of the program in one area of Ukraine will be approximately 3-5 million hryvnia. In the average city (100-500 thousand residents) — 4-6 million. In a large city (over 500 thousand inhabitants) — 20-40 million. To illuminate the whole of Ukraine in these programs need 10 billion UAH.

But in the local budgets of the money. There now needs lighting to spend a penny. You need to launch national programme street lighting. If the program street lighting will be nationwide and will receive guaranteed funding, light on the streets will be. And this will be a real perceived reform.