Ukrainians are waiting for bezviz with the EU in June: what are the risks

Ukraine makes steady progress towards a visa-free regime with the EU — the European Parliament Committee on civil liberties (LIBE) approved a draft resolution for our country, handing the initiative of the Supreme legislative bodies of the Commonwealth. “Today” has learned, what are the risks of failure of the “free dreams” and now that the Ukrainians should pay attention to.

THERE ARE NO BARRIERS. During the voting, which took place on 9 March, from 44 members of the Committee, Ukraine was supported by 39, four were against and only one abstained. This document, recall, was agreed during the Trialogue between the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission at the end of February. Now, according to the schedule released earlier, in early April, their word must say the European Parliament, in early may, the EU Council of Ministers, and since June 12, before the Ukrainians needs to open its borders to the Schengen area. However, as the Ukrainian leadership and representatives of the European Union do not hide that bezviz almost in our pocket: speaking at the meeting of LIBE, MEP Michal Boni said that Ukraine has fulfilled all the requirements of the EU and “even exceeded expectations”. And according to Deputy head of the AP Konstantin Yeliseyev, today, the question of liberalization lies only in the technical legal area, and political obstacles. “The decision was already made in Brussels, and now everything runs according to plan. The regime should enter into force before the end of June. Needs”, — said the EU Ambassador to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli.

RISKS. However, experts believe that the risks, which can play against Ukraine, still remain. “The first thing in danger, — the resumption of full-scale hostilities in the East. The internal risks I would add a possible economic collapse, devaluation and General instability. But among the external threats, I would pick winning the presidential election in France, Marie Le Pen, which supports Russia, or the Dutch victory in the election of populist-nationalists who obstructed the ratification of our Agreement with the EU”, — said political analyst Vadim Karasev. In turn, the expert Council for foreign trade, “the Ukrainian prism”, Maryana Kuzio believes that all political obstacles to visa liberalization removed and even elections in France is not so terrible. She notes: recent data from the sociology demonstrate that Le Pen is not gaining enough votes and now we need to focus on familiarity with the mechanism of suspension bizwise.

MECHANISM. “The European Union will hold postliberalization monitor and track whether we have the reforms that we have undertaken. So, if Ukraine will regress to the question of electronic declarations, fight discrimination and corruption, it will cause the suspension of visa-free regime,” says Kuzio. It should be noted that recently, Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Oxalis urged to respect EU laws, not to be selfish to the future bezveze and prevent the launch of the “suspension mechanism”. The latter, recall that in the EU adopted on 27 February. It contains a number of provisions violating that Ukrainians will lose the ability to travel freely in Europe. For example, if on the border of our country and the EU will increase the number of refusal of entry, it will be the reason for the revision of visa relations. This can result, for example, inconsistencies with the documents. Even if bezveze on the border with the EU need to have health insurance, biometric passport, return ticket and proof of solvency. Also among the risks is the increasing number of illegal immigrants from the Ukraine, caught in the territory of the EU. Violation of the stay period (90 days every 180 days) and the increase in the number of unfounded asylum requests from EU citizens of our country can also result in the return of visas.

Unable to return to the border

According to Oxalis, even now some of the “not law-abiding citizens of Ukraine” are sabotaging the visa-free regime with Israel. Many tourists violate the laws of the country, not back home in time. “Israel is the clearest example. Some Ukrainians violate the terms bezveza, and as a result, those who are actually going on holiday, paying money and buying a tour package, unfold at the airport. And the saddest thing is to challenge it. Because the Israeli authorities do not affect the security service, which has the right to decide whom to let and whom not, — said the Director of the Center for tourism development Vladimir Tsaruk. — While criteria of some, as in the refusal of a visa, also no. And it is undeniable that this situation will be after the open borders of the EU. The problem will be, even when you have a Schengen visa, according to EU rules this is not a guarantee that you’ll be let in. Any country would have the right to deploy”.