Strong pressure on Russia: at what price?

In 2013, President Barack Obama managed to get rid of the pressure that he experienced from all sides. After the use of chemical weapons in Eastern ghouta and the responsibility for the existing regime, he was able to launch a military campaign against Syria. The latter, in turn, through coordination and negotiations with Russia gave chemical weapons and said that this point does not have a similar Arsenal. International observers and relevant UN officials went to Syria in order to be certain.

The unprecedented escalation of the conflict in Syria now resembles the days 2013. Now, however, the United States administration is fully aware of the pressure its allies, especially Israel, to the middle East. They are trying to change the situation and balance of forces in the Syrian game before you start negotiations with Russia, whether the talks in Geneva or Astana. This escalation means a statement of intent to return to the initial position in the negotiations and increase your chances on radical changes in Syria. This desire was confirmed after numerous suicide bombings in the fighting, which began last week in Damascus, in the areas between Dzhubar and al-Kabun.

Currently, the question of the use of chemical weapons subject to review. This is the most dangerous thing you could use in the Syrian conflict, given that the US administration at the time was threatened with all-out war. It is such a threat to Syria was a “ceiling” that Obama made during his reign. Thus, this time the asking price, which will help to compare the effectiveness and efficiency of the two administrations is too huge and sensitive; she puts the predicament of the President of Donald trump. Russia is aware that this time the pressure is too high, however, the most important is the answer to the question: why is the entire “performance” of chemical weapons use in Khan Shaykhun happened just now? It was at this time when the US administration and Russia intended to resume negotiations on the Syrian issue for the first time since, when, because of accusations of ties with Russia was dismissed, the first national security Advisor, Michael Flynn, and allegations of Moscow with regards to its interference in the results of the elections in the United States.

Russia announced that during the visit of Rex Tillerson in Moscow on 11 and 12 April, he along with foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to discuss international security issues, including the Syrian issue, the situation in Ukraine and North Korea. However, Moscow is aware that the main issue is that repeated use of chemical weapons, which puts the country in a difficult position, given the fact charges. There are those who want to present Russia as a supporter of atrocities and global terrorism, while others agree with its methods and applications. The representative of the United States has devoted most of his speech, accused Russia that “if she had not supported the Syrian regime, it would not have happened what happened today”, thus pointing to immorality and immorality of the Russian position to use the veto. In the greater part of his speech, the American representative spoke about Russia’s role in everything that happens, and that the issue of support for Assad is known in advance the course of Moscow, which hinders the development of negotiations.

Because of the damaged reputation Russia has become the target of politically, militarily and in terms of security. The purpose of this “room of the Russian government in the first ranks of countries that support terrorism.” Undoubtedly, you notice how it harmonizes and blends in with the efforts of the new U.S. administration to improve relations with Moscow, which on Wednesday said the foreign Ministry.

Western powers called campaign against Syrian President (Assad regime) in the use of chemical weapons “unconvincing”. The victims in this situation is not Assad, whose position is known in advance in the international arena, and Russia, which directly works to consolidate its Central role in the fight against terrorism, urging Washington to join the opposition. It was after the unsuccessful visit of Netanyahu to Moscow when he failed to get any guarantees and assurances, Israel felt a disadvantageous position. The most important was the fact that Vladimir Putin dismissed the request of tel Aviv on the problem of Hezbollah and the freedom of action in Syria.

Russia has clearly expressed its position on the question of Hezbollah and its presence in Syria, thereby creating a serious obstacle for the actions of Israel, not for the party itself. If there is a price to be paid by Russia to end their war, the fate of Hezbollah’s here is the hot issue, given the attempts of Israel to guarantee.

Extraordinary pressure on Russia is through an act of terrorism in St. Petersburg, which was followed by diplomatic pressure on the Security Council, whose goal is the acceptance of responsibility for the chemical attack in Idlib… pressure from Israel runs parallel to American demands for the release by Russia of the Crimean Peninsula. During the reign of Barack Obama, these requirements had, which helped to improve the atmosphere of bilateral relations between the two countries.

It is necessary to subdue Russia and to force it to pay “the price” prior to negotiations and prior to the establishment date of the Northern operations. This means that the end of the war in Syria brings Russia to the fact that she’ll be alone on this earth, but pressure from St Petersburg to Idlib, means that Moscow asks for “a high price”, which is impossible to pay using the pockets of their allies.