Scientists have found that affects the potency of men regardless of lifestyle

Scientists have conducted a number of special research and found out that the blood of man can affect the impotence, writes “Orthodox”.

According to official figures, millions of men suffer from impotence, which is associated with excess weight loss, aging and chronic diseases such as diabetes. Scientists from Ordu University in Turkey, the studies found that impotence in men is influenced by other causes, one of which is blood.

The specialists managed to prove that the representatives of the stronger sex, whose second, third and fourth group of blood is four times more likely to experience impotence than men who have the first blood group. Scientists argue that erectile dysfunction affects up to 10 percent of men in this or that period of life.

According to statistics, certain drugs like viagra can help in the intimate problem, but about 30 percent of men do not see any improvement in his condition.

Earlier, experts believed the reason for the impotence of unhealthy lifestyles like excess weight and hypertension. Researchers from Turkey proved that the blood type can also affect this process. Earlier, the doctors reported that the blood group affects the health and causes an elevated risk of a number of diseases, including heart disease, cancers, infertility and even gastric ulcers.