Under the guise of refugees in the EU infiltrating agents of the Kremlin – the media

To Europe from Russia under the guise of refugees with false documents were the natives of Chechnya, who are now part of the Russian Agency network abroad. This was reported in the documentary “Putin’s Cold war” the German TV channel ZDF, that aired on 8 February.

About sending refugees under the guise of agents to channel said a former high-ranking FSB officer, which the film presents as Igor. He says that Russia is sending agents to ensure that they were integrated into the Islamic community of Germany, France and the UK and could “influence the political situation in the interests of the Kremlin”, writes “Deutsche Welle”.

According to Igor, these agents are “watching critics of the regime and the radical Islamists”.

“The results were reported to the President and he approved them”, – says Igor.

He also said that he personally participated in the preparation of false documents in order to natives of Chechnya were able to go to Europe to ask for political asylum there.

The author of the film Egmont Koch emphasizes that he saw the business card of Igor and has evidence that he really worked in the secret service. In the movie, Igor is hidden, his voice changed. The decision to leave Russia Igor explains that didn’t want to do the fabrication of cases, including against the opposition.