The German foreign Minister spoke about the possibility of easing sanctions against Russia

Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel did not rule out the possibility of easing the sanctions regime against Russia in case of improvement of the situation in the East of Ukraine.

“Our position was and remains: if, with the active participation of Moscow really there is a positive tangible progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements, we must consider the possibility of a gradual easing of sanctions imposed against Russia in connection with events in the East of Ukraine”, – said Gabriel in an interview published on Wednesday in the Polish edition of “Gazeta wyborcza”.

However, the German Minister noted that “the situation remains complex and serious implementation of the agreements, unfortunately, is out of the question.”

At the same time Gabriel said that the sanctions in connection with the situation around the Crimea have nothing to do with sanctions in connection with the situation in the East of Ukraine.

“They (the sanctions because of the situation around the Crimea) imposed for the annexation, which violates international law, and I don’t know anyone who would or would consider the possibility of withdrawing them,” said the German foreign Minister.

We will remind, Sigmar Gabriel became Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany in January of this year. His predecessor Frank-Walter Steinmeier in February was elected President of Germany.