How to maintain harmony and good health: the three rules of the world beauties

To stay in good shape and keep your health for longer, you need to acquire the right habits.

One of the most famous Hollywood trainers and nutritionist Harley Pasternak, whose clients include such stellar beauty, as Katy Perry, Halle berry, Megan Fox, called the three habits that will not only stay in good physical shape, but will be the basis of good health.

About it reports the New time with reference to My Domaine.

According to Pasternak, there are simple rules to be followed in daily life to maximize results in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In particular, it recommends to rethink not only your diet but also habits that lead to overeating, low physical activity and other factors that negatively affect health and shape.

Avoid low-fat products

“If the manufacturer’s tag sounds incredibly good – too good to be true, it is better to abandon this product. When manufacturers remove fat from cookies and candies, they usually replace it with sugar, which is one of the worst products for overall health and weight loss. So when you’re in the mood to treat yourself to something sweet, it is better to eat a normal dessert, but be sure to remember the number of eaten product – choose a reasonable portion, and it is better a smaller version,” he says.

Turn off smartphones, laptops and tablets

Harley Pasternak believes dependence on smartphones important problem of the contemporary world which influences including our physical form.

According to his confession, increasingly popular around the world gaining the recommendation of physicians, psychologists and other professionals regularly conduct a full unplug – to disconnect and at least one hour a day to relax from their gadgets, devoting time to reading books, yoga, meditation or simply walking.

“Our phones, tablets and computers affect our stress level, and sleep. As stress and poor sleep negatively affect our health and also weight loss, regular “unplugging” from gadgets will help you to lose weight and improve health,” he said.

Take the time for Hiking

Sedentary lifestyle – the main enemy of your body, says Pasternak. Per day recommended to overcome the 10 thousand steps, because Hiking is one of the easiest and affordable ways to improve your health and improve your fitness. Of course, daily routine of modern man often do not have free time for Hiking, but in the West, many proponents of a healthy lifestyle has introduced the unwritten rule of “take sneakers to work” when the staff of the offices hold meetings on the street, walking near the office or going out for a run after work on my way home, so as not to waste time.

“Hiking directly during the working meeting was a great exercise! Studies show that they not only have a positive effect on health and shape, but also promote creativity by stimulating creative thinking,” says Pasternak.

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