Money and kilowatts – working tips for saving electricity

From 1 March 2017, the electricity tariffs for Ukrainians increased by 25%. On the one hand, this news is certainly not happy, but it’s a real motivator to reconsider their views and think about frugal use of energy. Today, the modern apartment is difficult to imagine without an impressive list of electronics and household appliances, and the accelerating pace of life and the achievements of science and technology has led us far away from the rhythms of our ancestors – we are working or resting until midnight, and included, especially in winter, the light is our constant companion. And despite this, the vast majority of families, with some effort, can cut your bills to light by 25-30 %. In this article we share really working ways and saving tips from the experts of the Ukrainian representative office of one of the leading manufacturers of energy saving lighting Green Power Euroelectric GmbH (represents the brand Eurolamp).

So, what you can do now:

Replacing ALL the lights with incandescent lamps or CFLs (spiral energy saving lamps) LED from trusted manufacturers. “That’s part of the bill for “light” is those costs that we can reduce without loss of comfort. After all, it is hard to imagine that households can reduce the usage time of or even abandon appliances: refrigerator, TV or kettle. In the case of lighting, things are different, technology can increase the usage time of the light sources, while reducing energy costs and, as a consequence, your funds. The transition to high quality LED lamps will reduce lighting costs up to 80-90 %”, – say the experts of “green Power EURELECTRIC Ukraine”.

The transition to led lighting is not cheap, but if you change the lamp gradually – it won’t hit the pocket, but the savings you will experience from the first month. For example, the monthly savings imagine a typical family of three living in a one bedroom apartment. The apartment has an average of 9 bulbs with an average power of 75 watts, which total per day working 24 hours (average 3 hours in each room). Electricity consumption is about 55 kWh. And when switching to LED, not limiting themselves to coverage you can reduce this figure to 6 KW/h.

If you calculate the savings over the entire life of the lamp – the figures will impress you! For example, the savings from using a 10-watt LED lamp Eurolamp for a service life of 50 thousand hours, taking into account tariffs from 1 March will be 7840 UAH!

Choosing a brand of led lamps, be sure to pay attention to the labeling on the packaging – luminous flux, light temperature and light output of LED lamp. Do not be amiss to draw attention to the manufacturer’s warranty. So, the warranty period of the led chip inside the bulb TM Eurolamp is from 3 to 10 years – this means that the company is confident in the quality of its products and is responsible for it.


“The demand for led bulbs has been steadily growing”, – commented in “green Power EURELECTRIC Ukraine – and this trend will not shrink, as the whole world goes to energy saving and environmentally friendly technologies and prohibited at the legislative level, the production of incandescent lamps. And in our country, in addition, there is also the problem of disposal of the previous generation of mercury-containing spiral lamps, while LED lamps do not have this drawback and can be disposed of with household waste”.

INSTALL MOTION SENSORS on the most crowded places – the hall, the vestibule or entrance. Not superfluous to the use of motion sensors in a private house or cottage. If you are still in the repair stage or lighting design of their homes – plan-through switches for independent lighting control from two locations in the corridors and rooms. The simplest example of a scheme for the corridor for understanding of such a switch: I went into the house – turned on the light near the front door, undressed, and near the entrance to the room or the kitchen – turn off the lights in the hallway. This allows you to save light and, in addition, it is mega-convenient.

DISABLE ALL THAT you don’T NEED at the moment. Switch off lights when leaving the room. Do not include unnecessarily Central lighting, use local lighting (sconces, floor lamps, led lighting). Remove the cords of chargers, if you don’t charge them, turn off the TV, PC, slow cookers and other equipment in standby mode. All devices in idle mode, with a burning red indicator is hidden vampires to devour electricity. Let few and unnoticed, but they can “eat” up to 5 % of your electricity bills.

IT IS REASONABLE TO USE HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES. When buying new appliances choose the one that labelling a, A+ or A++, in General, the more “pluses”, the better. Fully load the washing machine and the dishwasher and choose the most energy-saving program. Set the correct mode in the freezer and the main chamber of the refrigerator, remove the refrigerator from heat sources. Regularly defrost the fridge and do not put it into hot products. If you have an electric stove – use cookware diameter burners with a flat bottom and turn off the stove for 5-10 minutes until cooked meals. Use for warming food in the microwave, not the oven or the electrolyte.

INSTALL two-tariff METER – it allows you to save at night. Such counters are beneficial to those who can use energy-intensive appliances: dishwasher and washing machine, bread maker, slow cooker or even oven — from 23.00 to 7.00. On average, a meter can save up to 25% in energy costs and pays for itself in two to three years.