The only correct one for Klitschko option to prevent the stop of the metro.

The issue of blocking the Moscow metro – is a question which should be addressed by the national security Council, so the city administration headed by mayor Vitaliy Klitschko reacts to the situation correctly, referring to the relevant authorities. This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian political activist, journalist and blogger Kirill Sazonov. About this said on his page on Facebook.

“Even if the mayor Chernovetsky, in 2009, a tender was held for the purchase of 100 cars for KP “Kiev underground” in the lease. The competition was won by the company “Ukrroslizing”, the money paid to the budget, and needless to say, the guarantor of the transaction made by the city Council. For 4 years all the cars still put, the city paid some money, but decided to delay debt repayment until 2018. The company “Ukrroslizing” and filed on the Metropolitan municipality to court, and the court, as expected, ruled in favor of “Ukrroslizing” moreover, the decision contained a paragraph about the seizure of cars. The amount of debt is small — 2 billion UAH. Went to the courts, 50 meetings over the shoulders, but in the opinion of the judges, the law on the side of “Ukrroslizing” in March the Executive service arrested accounts of the Underground,” wrote Kirill Sazonov.

The court argues that by law the property leased is owned by the lessor (“Ukrroslizing”) as long as the lessee (Metropolitan) not pay the entire amount of the contract. Only after that the cars will become the property of metro. The peg to the dollar is also legal, because it is written in the contract. Of the law — sort of have nothing to say. You can talk a lot around contract, but all this “water” and the fact does not change. The most important question you need to answer: whether to stop the Kiev metro?

“The position of mayor Klitschko, his administration and the city Council looks adequate, I would say that the only correct for the Metropolitan municipality option — is this any way to prevent the metro stop. And given that the law in the decisions of the courts on the side of the lessor, the city administration simply has no choice, if the Kiev subway will be — this will regret it. People are all on edge, all life is not sweet. If we begin to stop city transport — this will lead to disaster. Therefore, Klitschko and resists as the payment of the debt, and any attacks on the underground, the arrests of wagons and accounts,” he emphasizes.

The activist noted that since the law is on the side of “Ukrroslizing”, it is necessary to sound the alarm about this situation. “Appeal to the national security Council, law enforcement agencies is necessary and even the correct decision, because “Ukrroslizing” company with Russian roots. At its worst, imagine the headlines: Russian company blocked the Kiev metro. Sounds like some kind of diversion. There are things that fall outside the purview of the city administration. National security is one such issue. How to react to the SBU and the national security Council — it is not clear, have to wait. Clearly only one thing: no money — no metro,” writes Sazonov.