What will be the future consumption of video content with the revolutionary technology of Quantum Dot Display Samsung?

More than a decade of research work has allowed Samsung to create the technology of Quantum Dot Display (the screen on the quantum dots). It televisions with screens on quantum dots, which not only provide wonderful image quality, but are the next stage in the evolution of watching television and videos in General. Given the novelty of this technology, Samsung has decided to talk about the elements that could turn an ordinary evening viewing programs and movies into an unforgettable adventure. So, what would be the future of content consumption along with Quantum Dot Display?


We must start with the basics. Professionals in the field of image know that for color images requires at least two components. First, it is the exact colour of the lens, and secondly, as clean as possible light for their illumination. This combination is used in all devices, however from time to time the TVs are faced with a rather common problem.

We are talking about changes in the characteristics of the additional coating crystals of blue LEDs, which is used to create broad-spectrum white light. This happens due to the addition of the phosphor is yellow phosphor, subject to performance loss. As a result, over the years, the image on the screens became less intense and enjoyable.

But now everything will be different. Thanks to the use of the fruits of years of research staff of Samsung has managed to develop the technology of Quantum Dot Display. Its main difference is that in this case, the source of pure light are inorganic particles – quantum dots.


Quantum dots are tiny crystals are able to emit light of a certain wavelength, which means accurate color. Specific color reproduced by the quantum dot is determined by its size. The greater the size, the more saturated the red is visible, and the smaller the size, the more purple. But where does that leave us?

Quantum Dot technology allows Samsung to adjust the size of the quantum dots down to the smallest particles. Energy input in the form of a blue led light passes through a layer of red and green nanocrystals, allowing you to create a pure white light for illumination. Stabilization of the light quantum dot displays picture quality to a new level, providing colors as close to real life.

Special attention deserves the fact that in the production process of the Quantum Dot screens from Samsung does not use cadmium. The latter is a toxic material that can adversely affect the ecology of the planet.


Best image quality is achieved in tandem Quantum Dot technology 10-bit panel TVs Samsung SUHD TV. Such a combination allows to reproduce over 1 billion colors. This is 64 times more color variation compared to the devices with 8-bit panel.

In addition to rendering, with the help of technology HDR1000 screens Quantum Dot Samsung exhibit remarkable brightness. Its numerical value can reach 1000 nits, and 75 percent higher peak brightness OLED panels available on the market.

In the end, the viewer gets the right contrast in any scenes and a huge variety of displayed colors.


Before TV manufacturers were forced to choose between image brightness and durability of the panel. The brighter picture was, the faster was the burnout of the display. At the same time prolonged operation of the TV was synonymous with pale and mediocre images.

Users of TVs SUHD TV with Quantum Dot Display Samsung should not risk with one of the above parameters. This is due to the high resistance screens on quantum dots to burnout. So, the audience will receive the same quality and exciting image for many years.

Take advantage of the models using the above-described technology will be able in the respective lines. For example, in 2016, Samsung released a TV KS9800, KS9000, KS8000, KS7500 and KS7000. These models possess all the above-mentioned advantages and is able to give viewers hours of enjoyment watching your favorite blockbusters.