Mei urged the West to protect the Balkans from Russia

Prime Minister Theresa may called on the West to actively resist the attempts of Russia to destabilize the Balkans. She stated at the EU summit, the text of her speech published on the website of the British government, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“In light of the attempted coup in Montenegro I will urge that we do more to counteract the campaign of disinformation pursued by Russia to destabilize the situation, and so we increased its interest in cooperation with this region,” said Theresa may.

We will remind, the special Prosecutor of Montenegro stated that some of the state structures of Russia are involved in the preparation of the coup the day of the parliamentary elections last year.

October 16, 2016, the day of parliamentary elections in Montenegro was arrested 20 citizens of Serbia, accusing them of planning armed attacks on state institutions.

The opposition party said that the whole operation was fabricated and accused the Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic to use the security services to continue his leadership of the country, which lasted for a quarter of a century.

Before the vote, Djukanovic said that Russia is funding the opposition to disrupt the forthcoming membership of Montenegro in NATO.

In November Djukanovic accused the Pro-Russian opposition and its involvement in the script to force regime change in the country and his assassination on election day.
Now two suspects wanted by Interpol. They have Russian citizenship, and they oversaw the preparations for the coup.

Earlier the Prosecutor’s office of Montenegro called two Russians – Edward Shirokov and Vladimir Popov – the organizers of the coup attempt.