Hamburg Nuremberg. We won’t surrender

How can you live in thrall to their illusions? How many can be misled and waste precious time? How much can you enjoy Pat us on the shoulder and the standard political slogans about supporting Ukraine? Well it’s not us signals, and Moscow. So usually prepare for difficult negotiations, trying to take a winning disposition. When we know that Putin will say. Including trump. And no we won’t surrender. Modern Nuremberg trials too. It was obvious from the beginning, and once again was confirmed at the G-20 Summit in Germany.

Don’t love him, is considered dangerous and not always adequate, see it as a threat, but talking with him will be. Moreover, almost equal. Well, almost equal. Because Russia, despite its economic problems and the global anti-Russian rhetoric, remains a Player in the International arena. The subject, as they say, geopolitical processes. It is necessary, finally, to admit and stop is to be hoped that the owner of the Kremlin the Western world will be forced to settle down and to leave the political arena. This will not happen. At least in the near future.

So, Hamburg. Merkel welcomes guests, but all waiting for another action. The whole world and all the Leaders look forward to see how IT would be to capture the fine details and understand the dispositions and classifications. To understand what is planned and what trend of trend. And it happened… the long-Awaited meeting. Handshake. Compliments to each other. Delicate diplomacy and the game at large. One more sure. The second is more constrained. But both tense. A psychological Thriller in the sight of all. And then…

Instead of the planned 30 minutes, more than two hours (!!!) one-on-one. Well, along with Rex, of course. And Lavrov. So agreed. Judging by the time of the meeting, THEY had something to discuss. A lot is happening in the world global processes affecting safety. And they knew he needed to find some joint solution. They could not afford to not have any specific outcome. But because Syria, like, figured it out. Assad, however, there is and will be announced to the World. Even determined the date. Defiantly. And this is their first joint public and mutually beneficial agreement.

Rest while floating in zero gravity. And it is to be expected. Many global contradictions are left without solutions.

But the desire to find those solutions is. It has already become clear to many European and American observers that They are comfortable with each other. Tough macho Trump and very experienced in the political intricacies of Putin. Therefore, the dialogue agreed to continue. Simply no other way. The stakes are raised… And Europe waiting for the denouement…

I think that in General the Agenda was also discussed the Ukrainian question. There is a feeling that the solution algorithm has been found yet, but there will be attempts to play this card, with the highest possible “saving face.” Even the special representative of the trump has already appeared is Victoria Nulland.

In General, I don’t know who won and who lost. But I do know that surrender, which so many conversations, looks different…

And we need to know, to really understand and draw conclusions. And has become more Mature and responsible. And for their promises and for their actions. Honeymoon, when the whole world is blindly supported Ukraine and “blind eye” to what is happening inside the country with corruption and imitation of reforms, ends. Jan Tombinski, Rex Tillerson, the representatives of Poland, Italy, the foreign Minister of Germany and the representatives of the Senate and of Congress are already saying about the need to stop the imitation of activities and to engage in real reforms in the country. Otherwise will not help. Including, financial. Even the IMF has clearly outlined for our country homework for the summer…

Aware of these processes, then the change of pity and desire to help, comes respect and the pursuit of real and MUTUALLY beneficial partnership. Let’s just beg and to walk with outstretched hands, then the attitude towards us to change. This is the reality and political situation.

So, it’s time to stop living in the prison of their illusions and begin real reforms in the country.