“Dwellers of the DOE charokopos, and Dnipro, I Cruc”: TOP 5 statements of Taras Shevchenko about Ukraine

Today marks 203 years since the birthday of the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

The website “Today” recalled the TOP 5 quotations by famous Ukrainians about their country.


Ukraino, Ukraino!

My heart, Nenko!

Yak shadow your share

Siplace serdenko!


Dwellers DOE charokopos, And Dnipro, I Crouch

See Bulo, Bulo chuti, Yak revuchy roar.


Our thought, our song

Not vmre not tagine…

From de Luda, our glory, Glory to Ukraine!


I I, crying ago, pahau znovu cugino.

I not odnm ATM Seli, and skrtl in glorious Ukraine people from the yoke of the harnessed, Mrs. Lucas.


Its up Ukraine lubt.

Lubt …. in VRAM I property,

In ostatny, serious Moto

For me Lord molt.

Rosquitas, bratitude!

Others have the edge

Do not look, do not entertain

The fact scho on no I Nebi, not Adidas

On stranger poli.

In their hut its th truth, And power, I will.

Mute in the Ukraine,

No other Dnipra,

A wee pretesa to cugino

Shukati much good good,

Good Saint. Freedom! freedom!

Braterstwo brachnogo! Nisly,

Bore, bore W of the foreign field

I brought up Ukraine in

Great words great power

The th more nichogo. Shout

What God created not on those

Dwellers VI naprawd bow!..

I hilites, Yak I Helios!

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