The Ukrainian military has received from Japan new scanner Toshiba

In Vinnitsa Military medical clinical center has taken a new CT scanner AQUILION PRIME. This is the second scanner that was given to Ukrainian military hospital thanks to the support of the government of Japan. Medical equipment that is used in leading medical centers of Europe, such as the clinic you “rummage”, will now be available for the Ukrainian military. And soon, in the framework of this cooperation, in eight hospitals plan to replace x-ray equipment.

Computed tomography (CT) has become almost indispensable in modern medicine. Diagnosis by CT is most often recommended to patients with problems of the bone or the vascular system. This is the fastest way to obtain a complete clinical picture of the patient with which it is already possible to establish an accurate diagnosis. Approximately half of all installed in Ukrainian hospitals CT scanners is scanners Toshiba Medical.

Scanner AQUILION PRIME 80, which was taken in Vinnitsa, has a low emission level and the opportunity to make a large number of images in a short time. Thanks to new methods of diagnosis, the medical facility will be able to run 140 surveys every month. Its feature, in addition to accurate diagnosis is the comfort for the patient and the doctor.

“Toshiba is the use of technologies to significantly reduce the radiation load on the patient, the speed survey which actually brought down to milliseconds, the possibility of invasive manipulations, conduct 3D reconstruction, high speed” – explained the head of the clinic of radiodiagnostics Oleg Polyakov.

The cost of such a computer tomograph is 530 000 US dollars.

In terms of aggression in the East of Ukraine it is especially important to provide the most modern and high-quality medical care to the Ukrainian military. Therefore, recently in programs that promote the replacement of medical equipment in hospitals, priority shall be given to the military to medical institutions. The first CT scanner Toshiba Medical thanks to the project of international technical assistance received the Kiev Central clinical hospital of State border service of Ukraine. The opening of the refurbished diagnostic center was held in January of this year.

“The first priority of Japanese assistance for Ukraine is medical care. We believe that the stability and prosperity of Ukraine is a pledge of stability of the entire region. So this transfer of equipment is only the first of several,” said Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in Ukraine Shigeki Sumi.

Toshiba Medical has won the tender within the framework of the international technical assistance project “Emergency aid to Ukraine the possibility of providing medical assistance” thanks to the best ratio of quality and price. The project is being implemented by the government of Japan under the control of UNOPS (UNOPS) – United Nations office for project services. Through the technical assistance of UNOPS office, which opened in the summer of 2016, Ukraine has received the possibility to implement investment projects together with international companies, as well as to assist in addressing the humanitarian problems caused by fighting in the area ATO.

The President of the company Toshiba Medical Systems Europe Hiroki Tachikawa emphasized that cooperation with Ukraine is very important for the company Toshiba. So this project lays the Foundation for the future, other joint projects with the support of both governments.

“For us, this is the first time we joined this program. And I thank the Japanese government and UNOPS, we were able to deliver this sample of the latest medical technologies. And it is a great pleasure for us”, – said the President Hiroki Tachikawa.

The Grand opening of the diagnostic equipment was held on March 20 with the participation of the Ambassador of Japan in Ukraine Shigeki Sumi, President of Toshiba Medical Systems Europe Hiroki Tachikawa, Director of sales in the Central region of Europe, Genio Sobichevsky and Constantine Gajewski, Director of InMed (Slovakia), the official supplier of Toshiba Medical equipment in Ukraine.

Installation and maintenance of new medical equipment company InMed Ukraine, the official representative of Toshiba Medical in Ukraine.

“Toshiba Medical implements various projects with the participation of international organizations. In cooperation with UNOPS, we interact with the international British company Сrown agents, preparing the program of replacement of obsolete x-ray equipment in eight hospitals of Ukraine. We will establish on behalf of the Japanese government,” says Konstantin Gajewski, Director of InMed.

In Ukraine the company conducts training programs, during which distributes world-leading experience in the field of medicine and supports events,speaking on a regular sponsor of the international Congress “Radiology in Ukraine”.