International women’s day: TOP 8 congratulations on 8 March

Today, March 8, is traditionally celebrated international women’s day. This day to give attention and gifts for women and be sure the family: mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters and grandmothers.

The website Today has collected the TOP 8 of the most heartfelt, sweet and funny greetings that you can send by SMS or tell in oral form.


Wish you happiness and love.

They are all more expensive gifts.

And let all dreams come true

In the day — March 8!


In honor of March 8

I want to wish You

Be like Cleopatra —

Every day to Shine!

I wish the bird of happiness

You can hold

And rest often

On the warm shores.

Love, goodness and light,

Comfort and warmth —

I wish all of this

Spring brought You!


March 8 — a wonderful day!

Let dreams come true

Good luck, happiness and love

You let smile.


Let your heart be filled with tulips

And violets, and lilacs,

Become a friend, very drunk

From love in spring day!

But keep the studs firmly,

To the brand not to lose.

Be playful, loud, brisk

And act on the “5”!

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Congratulations on March 8

And I wish from the heart,

What you did not know sorrow,

True all the dreams.


Women’s day March 8

Congratulations brought:

You deserve diamonds,

A million scarlet roses!

Let the soul sing with happiness

And in the eyes shines a light.

Let the luck and hope

Will be with you for many years!


Let the first snowdrop

Will give You a tenderness!

The spring sun will give heat!

And the March wind will present hope,

And happiness and joy and only good!


In women’s day I wish

Lie down comfortable on the sofa,

Let the husband would make a Cup of tea

And the bed carries the glass

Let the dishes wash up

And, groaning, wash floors,

And then the wine will open

And you can enjoy a delicious table!

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