Putin is committed to a new era of empires: what if it is not stopped in Ukraine

The only reasonable response to the aggressive policy of Russia is containment

The West has long recognized that it is up to Ukraine to protect them from Russian aggression. Therefore, the civilized world must respond to the aggression of Moscow, to contain and to prevent the return of our country in Moscow’s orbit.

This is stated in an article for the Atlantic Council “Tsar Putin is committed to a new era of empires,” the website of the Kyiv security forum.

The authors of the article were made by the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine in 2014, member of the Board of the Foundation “Open Ukraine” Danylo Lubkivsky and co-founder of Ukraine crisis media centre and the founder of One Philosophy Group Natalia Popovych.

“Putin’s aggressive image of the new age of empires is an existential challenge to the West. And now he’s got another sixteen years to achieve your goal. If Putin is not stopped in Ukraine, price of deterrence will only grow”, – stated in the article.

The authors note that the risks to Ukraine today could hardly be higher, and “if Ukraine is forced to return to the Russian orbit, the implications will be felt far beyond the borders of the former USSR”.

That is why, noted tournament Director and Popovich, it is critical to understand that the preservation of the sovereignty of Ukraine it is necessary not only for the state but for the entire Western world, as the foreign policy of the Kremlin can only become more aggressive.

“And word and deed Putin has shown that he rejects the contemporary international order, rules-based, and seeks to reverse history, 1991. The West needs to look wider and see the overall revisionist motive that unites the seemingly unrelated actions of Russia, ranging from military intervention in Syria and the killings in the EU for cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns in the West. European politicians should no longer consider projects such as Nord Steam pipeline 2, in purely economic terms, but Western governments should not consider the growing list of hostile actions of Russia as isolated incidents. Instead, the only reasonable response to a resurgent and aggressive Russia international is a deterrence”, the article says.

As reported “Today”, recently in Russia held a referendum on amending the Constitution, which allowed to nullify the presidential terms of the current master of the Kremlin of Vladimir Putin. Read more about this in the article “Putin rewrote the Constitution of Russia: what to prepare Ukraine and the world”.