How useful birch juice

Birch SAP — the product has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. It is harvested in early spring in areas with clean soil. Birch SAP is a clear liquid (SAP) arising from the broken and cut branches and trunks of birch under the action of root-pressure. This beverage known since the times of Kievan Rus’, writes

To pinpoint the right time to collect birch SAP is difficult. It all depends on the weather conditions. For example, if during the March thaw juice has started to flow, but suddenly hit the cold, the process will stop. Usually the juice begins to flow from the melting snow and swelling buds, around mid-March. Collecting birch juice stop when bloom leaves, the second half of April.

Going to collect berezovitsy, choose trees with a diameter of 20-30 cm with well-developed crown. The Mature birch juice is sweeter. Carefully follow the barrel hole at a distance of 20 cm from the ground. Underneath attach the groove of bark or plastic, which will drain the juice. The groove needs to be directed in a bottle, jar or package. The number of holes that can be made depends on the diameter birch: only one at 20-25 cm, the volume of 30-35 cm or two in the tree with a diameter of 40 cm and more is allowed to make four holes.

Collected juice – treat the tree: take the wax tube, and then close them the hole that the barrel did not get the bacteria, which can pose a serious threat to the life of the tree.

Please note that birch will start to heal the wound inflicted on her as soon as you pre-drill. Therefore, the fact that the number of birch SAP will fall, this is normal. Do not try to deepen the hole, and it is better to just change the birch as soon as the juice will be very little.

Chemical composition of birch SAP

Externally, the birch juice is a colorless, looks like a transparent liquid, but the chemical composition he excels many vitamin drinks. It stores vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, volatile, organic acids. In 100 grams of birch SAP contains:

– Carbohydrates – 1-3 g
– Potassium – 27.3 mg
– Sodium 1.6 mg
– Calcium 1.3 mg
– Magnesium – 0.6 mg
– Aluminium – 0.1-0.2 mg
– Manganese – 0.1 mg
– Iron – 25 mcg
– Silicon – 10 mcg
– Titan – 8 mcg
– Copper – 2 mg
– Nickel – 1 µg

Also in the composition of the juice includes fruit sugar, organic acids, essential oils, phytoncides with anti-microbial properties, tannins, saponins, vitamins.

The benefits of birch SAP

Thanks to this rich composition of macro – and trace elements, birch SAP is a remedy for many diseases. Juice drink, coughs and flu, headaches, diseases of the joints. This is one of the best remedies that help improve the metabolism and functioning of the stomach (chlorinator). The birch juice is also recommended to drink in diseases of the respiratory system, rheumatism, tuberculosis, gout, gallstones and kidney, edema, as it is a diuretic. This natural drink promotes rapid healing of ulcers and wounds. Regular consumption of birch SAP is beneficial to the process of splitting stones in the bladder and kidneys. It increases the diuresis, displays fine grains of sand, improves blood flow to the bladder. Some researchers recommend fractional to drink for one day not more than 150-350 ml, because the effect of biological stimulation from fresh birch juice can be quite strong.

Fresh birch juice is recommended for future mothers at all stages of pregnancy. It improves the placental circulation, reduces symptoms of toxicity, reduces swelling. Pregnant women are advised to consume 100-250 ml of juice a day.

The birch juice, because of its diuretic effect can reduce blood pressure. With the aim of reducing pressure in hypertensive patients is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before food, not refusing to receive antihypertensive medications (drugs that lower blood pressure). The unique trace element composition of the juice refines the vascular wall, in some way prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Application for cosmetic purposes

Outwardly birch SAP is used for boils and eczema, acne and hair loss, skin pigmentation, non-healing wounds and ulcers. On the basis of birch juice you can also prepare effective means for the skin, it is good to use to hydrate and cleanse dry skin. Indispensable birch juice and for hair care. It is enough to wash the hair with it for two weeks, so the hair shiny and lush. Birch juice perfectly strengthens hair and eliminates dandruff.


People with stomach ulcers and kidney stone disease should be careful with the use of birch SAP. It is contraindicated also to those who are allergic to birch pollen. If the kidneys have stones and they are large enough (3 mm), it is likely that birch SAP can “disturb” them, they can get stuck in the ureter or urethra.

Conservation Berezovo juice

Birch SAP can with needles. Take fresh summer shoots of pine needles, well washed, scalded with boiling water to wash away the wax coating, and washed again, first with hot and then with cold water. In a vessel with a capacity of 50 liters put 2.5-3 kg of such needles. Fresh birch juice should be filtered, heated to 80 °C and pour it over the needles to the top. Infuse the juice with the pine needles 6-7 hours. Then the juice to drain, strain, add 5% sugar and 0.1-0.2% citric acid. Pour the juice in jars and sterilized after sealing lids pasteurized at 90-95 °C for 25 min.

Can conservabat birch juice with mint. 50 litres of juice take 70-100 grams of dry mint, pour her juice and insist 5-6 hours. Can the same as birch SAP with pine needles.

Very tasty and useful birch juice with honey, broth hips, hawthorn, lemon balm.

Also Mojon prepare and birch kvass. Ingredients: 10 liters of birch SAP, 50 PCs. of raisins, 400 g of sugar. Birch strain the juice through several layers of cheesecloth to clean it of debris. Add the raisins, sugar and leave to ferment in a cool place. After 3-4 days the kvass is ready.Then strain the brew cap bottle and place in dark cool place for long-term storage.

Kvass from birch SAP can be stored until the autumn.