Russian concert in Washington

During the cold war it was said that the United States, in order to prevent the coming to power of left-wing parties sympathetic to the Soviet Union, interfering in elections in different regions of the world and even support military coups. Under the eye of CIA and right-wing parties threatening to American interests. And in our country there is a strong belief that the United States played a role in the coup “may 27”, “12 March and 12 September.” Prime Minister Adnan Menderes (Adnan Menderes) was the victim of a coup due to the fact that despite the United States wished to establish trade and political ties with the Soviet Union.

All the time says that in the aftermath of the cold war, the US tried to corner “Putin’s Russia” in Georgia and Ukraine, through events called “revolution of roses” and “orange revolution”. The “orange revolution” in Ukraine brought to power Pro-Western Viktor Yushchenko, and the “rose revolution” in Georgia, a supporter of the USA Michael Saakashvili. But the question was not closed. A supporter of Russia Victor Yanukovych, who later won the election in Ukraine, has suspended negotiations with the EU and because of what happened in this regard, the event ran to Russia to save his life.

These examples I cite not just. Now circumstances have changed. It has been suggested that “Putin’s Russia”, took over the legacy of the Soviet Union, interfering in elections in the United States and Europe. Many influential persons who took part in the election campaign of US President Donald trump, in this regard, was charged with “unauthorized negotiations” with Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak. Yes, and trump received their portion of the charges.

Advisor to trump on “national security”, Michael Flynn (Michael Flynn) was forced to resign on the grounds that it provided incomplete information about the content of their contacts with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. Another politician who called for the resignation was the Minister of justice Geoff sessions (Jeff Sessions). In the press leaked the information that during the election campaign sessions twice talked to Kislyak. And in the course of the hearings in the Senate on the consideration of candidates and Roman sessions for the post of Minister he said he had no contact with Russian officials.

Meanwhile, team President trump is taking steps designed to divert attention from these charges. One of them is trump’s statement that during the reign of Obama, his phone was tapped. Almost a cold war going on between trump and his opponents. Because of this war between the White house and certain influential circles in the USA closed in on itself. It becomes clear that the issue of relations with Russia will be a long time as a “sword of Damocles” hanging over the administration trump.

There are also suggestions that Russia is trying to influence the elections in France and Germany. In France in the ranks of right-wing and left-wing parties, notably the party “national front” marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen), there are circles who admire Putin. It is known that Philippe de Villiers (Philippe de Villers), leader of the Islamophobic and ultra-conservative movement “For France” opposing the European integration, nourishes the love of Putin. At the talks with the Villa in 2014, Putin said: “We will continue to support the people making our approaches around the world.”

Michelle Eltchaninoff (Michel Eltchaninoff) in the book titled “In the mind of Vladimir Putin” notes: “To be a leader in Europe, Putin is betting on the rise to power of populist parties. For this purpose it mobilizes all the possibilities, including financial”.

Russia has considerable political support in Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Romania. It is assumed that a failed coup attempt aimed at overthrowing the government in Montenegro, which is preparing to join NATO, is Russia. In short, the place “America during the cold war”, apparently, took the “Putin’s Russia”.