The Cabinet let the “corrupt” money on the road

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allowed to send the confiscated assets and funds derived from the sale of confiscated corruption property, the State border service, the State Agency of highways of Ukraine (“Ukravtodor”) and the Office of state security.

According to the decree №674 of September 6, the government approved the direction of means of the state border service on the steps on the engineering development of the state border and at the cost of increasing the defense capability and security of the state.


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Funds will also be sent to:

  • “Ukravtodor” in the development of the network and maintenance of public roads;
  • Management of state guard on its activities;
  • The Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services for the payment of subventions from the state to local budgets for the infrastructure of the United territorial communities.

In addition, the government approved the direction of the confiscated assets in favor of the National police on measures to improve national defense and state security instead of the Ministry of internal Affairs.