Schengen scapegoat for europhobia

All europhobia blame Schengen area. Flight through Europe, a Tunisian terrorist Anise Amri, who staged a massacre at a Christmas fair in Berlin and was liquidated on 23 December the Milanese police, sparked a wave of criticism of the rules on the free movement of people from the eurosceptic movements.

December 28, the leader of the Dutch freedom Party Geert Wilders (Geert Wilders) has joined in the demands to close the borders after recent media evidence that Anis Amri passed through Nijmegen after the terrorist attack in Berlin, where on 19 December under the wheels of his truck killed 12 people. From the Netherlands he went to Lyon, and then moved to Milan by train.

In this way he, apparently, never checked the documents that outraged supporters of the restoration of the European borders. “A Muslim terrorist from Berlin could commit a terrorist attack in the Netherlands thanks to the open borders Rutte. Close the border now or hand in your resignation!” — written by Wilders on Twitter, demanding an emergency session of Parliament.

December 23, its ally in the European Parliament, marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) was lambasted in the press release “flight through two or three countries, a symptom of the total collapse of security, which is a Schengen zone”. “During the war, and you can spend a quarter of an hour at the border,” — said Matteo Salvini (Matteo Salvini), the leader of the Northern League and a member of the same etropolski and anti-immigration group from the European Parliament.

Criticism signed in 1995 agreement 22 EU countries (joined by Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) went beyond the mere right-wing. The leader of the protest five star Movement Beppe Grillo (Beppe Grillo) also demanded a “revision” of the document, which cancels systematic border controls greatly facilitated the trip.

The official representative françois Fillon, Thierry Soler (Thierry Solère) considered it “incredible that wanted the entire European police terrorist with a gun was able to penetrate freely into the country and then leave her.” Fillon in the program offers “a new Schengen agreement” to “facilitate the restoration of border control”.

All of these statements connected with the upcoming elections. The Dutch will elect a new Parliament in March 2017, and the French have a new President in may. In Italy, probably in the coming months will hold early parliamentary elections. In these three countries Etropolska movement expect to strengthen its position or even come to power. So now they are waging a campaign against the European system, without going into further details. The fact that the agreement for several months suspended in six States (France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway) from terrorist threats or the influx of migrants.

This solution allows said States to the systematic examination of all who enter their territory. The French police could have a check amry without fear of violating the agreement. In addition, the French police were, at least, in the train, which went to Italy on December 23. However the terrorist was able to avoid all checks, and only accidentally caught the Italian police. Finally, in the presence of a “threat” that requires “immediate action”, States can set up border controls for ten days without having to notify the European Commission.

“Only by providing additional financial, human and legal resources of the police and justice can effectively deal with such attacks. But certainly not the allocation of these funds to the control of internal borders in the Schengen space for a useless and expensive testing of hundreds of millions of people”, — believes Director of the Institute Jacques Delors Bertoncini Yves (Yves Bertoncini).

However, as the leader of the independence Party of the United Kingdom Nigel Farage (Nigel Farage), who criticized the Schengen area, although his own country had it not even included skeptics don’t pay attention to such trifles.