A curious interest of Russia in Lisbon

Pravda. ru — Russian website, which has been inherited from the Soviet newspaper “Pravda” of its hideous title. Pravda in Russian means “truth”. On pravda. EN publishes articles of interest — interesting in the sense that the interesting Donald trump, who never lets us get bored — for example, “AIDS is the biggest hoax of the XXI century”.

The publication does not cease to surprise: just look at another article entitled “Poland and world war III against Russia: funny and scary at the same time”. Funny and scary is it’s name. This week on the website published an article by Timothy Bancroft-hinche (Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey), one, as if to say… crazy British journalist who is the Director of the Portuguese version of pravda. EN. I read pravda. EN Timothy Bancroft-hinche, as already mentioned, out of curiosity, but this time mention them for very specific reasons.

In the article they write about Lisbon and Express legitimate bewilderment: why the city became the starting point for our understanding that the Earth is round, the city from which the Portuguese sailed to the Cape Bojador, and then to Japan and the island of Flores, there is no Museum of the Great geographical discoveries? The article offers an explanation Bancroft-hinchy: tsunami of 1755 was for us such a serious injury, we made capital Bank containers to block the view of the river…

Indeed, a big omission, because this Museum has a story to tell. The fact that pravda. EN Timothy Bancroft-hinche this time right. I’d really like to come to the Museum of discovery to see where our sailboats and maps. I think I do not have any interest in this some Russian oligarch?