“Churkin syndrome”: social media has ridiculed the statement of Peskov about the letter of Yanukovych

Users of social networks are actively discussing the statement of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov that the administration of the President of Russia has not received a letter to Yanukovych with a request to send troops to Ukraine.

“The fact that no letters (of introduction of troops in Ukraine) is officially in the presidential administration has not received and no such document in the presidential administration were not recorded. Here’s what I can answer you this question”, – he said.

The observation that the late permanent representative of Russia to UN Vitaly Churkin showed this document at a meeting of the UN security Council in March 2014, Peskov said: “this is something I can’t explain, I don’t know. I can say the situation de facto and de jure”.

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As reported, Churkin was appointed Russia’s Ambassador to the UN in April 2006. He died suddenly on 20 February 2017, the day before your 65th birthday.

Yesterday, March 16, at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said that the death of Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin came by natural causes. This was at the briefing in Moscow said the official speaker of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova.

Peskov called the cause of the murder Churkin. pic.twitter.com/FYW1rj2CYO

— Ivan Semyonov (@Sem7ser) 16 Mar 2017

URGENT! Peskov acknowledged that Putin and Churkin lied about the letter to Yanukovych with a request to send troops to Ukraine pic.twitter.com/wUuItFSqqQ

— The verge.Ru (@GraniTweet) 16 Mar 2017

We have never concealed that such a citizen.. as you say.. Churkin?.. Never had he in state structures did not work pic.twitter.com/cm4D4El6Q0

— VP (@sranysovok) 16 Mar 2017

The Kremlin said that he had not received a letter of Yanukovych to send troops. This appeal Churkin read out at the UN

The most Churkin read at the UN.

— Beard Boatswain (@drunk_cachallot) 16 Mar 2017

Interestingly it turns out, February 20, dies Churkin, and 22 Yanukovych gives a great interview in which he declares that he has not asked Putin to send troops pic.twitter.com/W5h9Ofdqef

— The decadent West (@gniloywest) 16 Mar 2017

Churkin read out the appeal of Yanukovych to Putin, which Putin never got pic.twitter.com/gur7okh0Pl

— enemies over the hill (@Lndcalling) 16 Mar 2017

Was the treatment of Yanuca to send troops or not?
And Churkin and Sands are known to be very honest people.
Don’t even know whom not to believe…

— aunt rose (@ANAKOYHER) 16 Mar 2017

The incredible adventures Churkin at the UN pic.twitter.com/0T5ncycYLZ

— Konstantin Kukuškin (@KKKukushkin) March 10, 2017

Here you joked-joked that Churkin can be purchased at any px and here it is. The mustachioed Secretary Peskov confirmed it

— Cartoonist (@nightseparator) 16 Mar 2017

They say that the letter Yanukovych Churkin received from Givi, one from Motorola and one from Eugene Zilina. Zilina and he was handed over to Viktor Yanukovych Junior.

— Rogozin-to-orbit (@LyapunovS) 16 Mar 2017

Maria Zakharova at the briefing urged the media and the public not to speculate on the murder of Russia’s permanent envoy to the UN Churkin.

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) 16 Mar 2017

Putin, Churkin, Peskov and the Kremlin’s brethren use such a base lie that even somehow uncomfortable for them.

— pani Walewska (@pani_walewska) 16 Mar 2017

There was no letter. Let Churkin confirmed that it was. Yes, and Churkin was not. Where do you see Churkin? No Churkin! And no court no.

— Sofa dimensions (@Divannny) 16 Mar 2017

Of course, Churkin could ever answer, who let him read in the UN of a non-existent letter from Yanukovych. But… the heart…

König von Deutschland (@xui_de) 16 Mar 2017

WE did NOT HAVE ANY CHURKIN pic.twitter.com/FU47MW64Vn

— VP (@sranysovok) 16 Mar 2017

Churkin never worked as the representative of the Russian Federation to the UN-said Dmitry Peskov

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) 16 Mar 2017

Russia indirectly accuses Churkin of the deceased in a lie about the letter to Yanukovych

So once the war in the Donbass and the annexation will be blamed on the dead man Putin

— Edmond Dantes™ (@deMonte_Cristo) 16 Mar 2017

In honor of the distinguished diplomat and patriot, I would call sudden death from unknown causes of the high officials of syndrome Churkin.

— aunt rose (@ANAKOYHER) March 15, 2017

We will remind, on a press-conferences in Rostov-on-don in November 2016 Yanukovych confirmed the fact of appeal to Vladimir Putin about Russian troops in Ukraine and called it an emotional decision.

March 1, 2014 the Federation Council gave its consent to the President of the Russian Federation to use Russian armed forces in Ukraine “to normalize the socio-political situation in the country.” Later the decision was canceled by the Parliament.

March 4, 2014 at an extraordinary meeting of the UN security Council, Churkin said that Yanukovych had sent a written request to Putin to use Russian armed forces “to protect the population of Ukraine”. “…appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to use the armed forces of the Russian Federation to restore legality, peace, law and order, stability and protection of the population of Ukraine. Victor Yanukovych. March 1, 2014”, – quoted Churkin a letter of Yanukovych. “Russia’s actions in Ukraine entirely appropriate and legitimate,” – said Churkin.

March 1, 2014 the Federation Council unanimously agreed to Putin to use Russian armed forces in Ukraine “to normalize the socio-political situation in the country.” Later this decision was reversed, but the Russian aggression is not stopped.

25 November 2016 Yanukovych in Rostov-on-don confirmed that he had asked Putin to send troops into Ukraine, and called this request “emotional”.

March 9, 2017, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko unveiled received from the Prosecutor General’s office letter, which says that neither the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, nor the Federation Council had not received any complaints of Yanukovych on the use of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. Also in the Prosecutor General’s office claimed that any statements Yanukovych was not the reason for the appeal of Putin to the Federation Council for permission to use Russian troops in Ukraine.

Lutsenko expressed doubt about the veracity of the letters of the Russian Prosecutor General’s office and recalled that the existence of such a letter said Churkin during a speech in the UN security Council.

March 14 at the briefing in the Kremlin, Putin’s press Secretary promised to find out about the letter of Yanukovych. “Tomorrow we will come back to this. If early, I will report”, – said Peskov.

On March 13 he stated that he has no information, whether asked Yanukovich to Putin asking to send troops to Ukraine March 1, 2014, and added that we haven’t had time to verify this information.

15 Mar Sands for the third time were undecided about the letter from Yanukovich to Putin. “You got me right, still failed (to find out about the letter). I confess, I’ll find out” he said and promised on March 16 to answer this question.