A summer job: who can stay without seasonal earnings

Wages of seasonal workers will remain at the same level as last year – expert

Because of the quarantine affected the entire business at all levels, spheres and formations. Even with the easing of restrictions, most of the people returned to their former jobs, experts say. A business cannot afford to open as many jobs as before the quarantine. According to experts, unemployment was up to 50% of workers in the service industry. The biggest losses suffered by farmers who were unable to sell locally grown vegetables. This will affect salaries in the field.

However, the quarantine should end on June 22. Experts predict a revival of the labor market, but the work would have to fight. That is the work this summer will be, but not in such volumes as in the past, 2019.

As the quarantine affected the labor market

The labor market is still in stagnation, says Ruslan Sobol, head of the Association of small and medium business.

“We still see rising unemployment. Given that part of the business during the quarantine, closed forever, the number of unemployed increased. But I think demand will recover experienced professionals, who understand and know our business” – says Ruslan Sable.

As restaurants and gyms in quarantine Video: Today