Azarov doesn’t do nothing: even the Ministers of Yanukovych

On March 2, the ambassadors of the member countries of the European Union fulfilled its obligations to Ukraine extended sanctions against former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his associates for another year. At the same time in Ukraine the criminal case opened against many fugitive officials and do not reach the courts. So, the former people’s Deputy Yury Ivanyushchenko, previously included in the sanctions list of the EU, achieved relieve themselves of the sanction, as in Ukraine, the Supreme court cleared him of all criminal proceedings. The “Today” dealt with the criminal cases against the ex-President Yanukovych and his relatives.On the turn the former government, which is now almost full squad is on the run.

Former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov initially fled to Vienna, where he has accounts and real estate, but later settled in Russia. From the point of view of security of the ex-Premier was correct, because in Ukraine he is wanted on article 365 (Excess of authority or official powers), article 255 (Creating criminal organization) and article 191 (Assignment, waste of property or mastering by it by abuse of official position), and the European Union included in the sanctions list. Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko was made by Mykola Azarov in the top ten of Ukrainian ex-officials who are subject of conviction.

Due to EU sanctions ex-Prime Minister still does not have access to their foreign property and accounts. Deprived of his Ukrainian pension – however, it took the intervention of the Prosecutor General in February 2016, the Appellate court of Kiev made the decision to return the payment to the former Prime Minister, however, after calling the GPU almost immediately retirement account was again blocked.

Later in Oshchadbank found another account Azarov Sr. 2.3 million UAH – it also froze. In December 2016, the court arrested three plots of land and the housing owned by the former Prime Minister, and in the end, law enforcement officers found the apartment full of values, Azarov and all were arrested.

On forced vacation Azarov lives in the Moscow suburb of Rublevka, writing books, actively giving interviews to the Russian media and heads the “Ukrainian government in exile” under the name “the Committee of rescue of Ukraine”. Does not consider himself guilty – he says it was not stolen no court found him guilty of committing any crimes. The court and not – formal Affairs suspended because of the investigation Department Mykola Azarov.

His son Alexei Azarov was more cunning than many other fugitive officials: part of its assets immediately after the imposition of sanctions, he gave Konstantin Pivovarov, and the land in Koncha Zaspa brought offshore. The court at an elite hectares lasted the entire 2015 year and ended with a decision in favor of the ex-regions without the right of appeal.

Photo: press service of the former people’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy Azarov

Looking for son of ex-Prime Minister for receiving bribes, but no restrictive measures apply not plan to. 12th September the Prosecutor General’s office has received access to six Ukrainian bills Alexei Azarov in the framework of the investigation of illicit enrichment. According to the prosecution, 2012-2014 Azarov, Jr., as a Deputy, received from unidentified sources 7.7 million euros, 600 thousand Swiss francs and 0.5 million dollars. In fact, these funds are held in banks in Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and on the access of law enforcement to the accounts in foreign banks out of the question.

Azarov Jr. also was under EU sanctions, but only a year – in March 2015 sanctions lifted because of insufficient evidence on the part of the GPU. Immediately after removing the sanction of ex-MP put his mansion in Vienna and a house in Styria for sale, just in case getting rid of the foreign property.

Since March 2014, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Austria investigates case against the company LPG Trading GmbH, which is jointly owned by Azarov Jr. and Sergey Kurchenko. The company’s assets frozen, the owners suspected of money laundering. 28th July 2015 Ukraine arrested two homes Alexei Azarov in Olbia, Italy and the Bank account of the company Agosto 2012 srl.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Serhiy Arbuzov wanted only one thing – all for the same 191st article, and if caught, promise to hold in custody. Charged with stealing 120 million UAH of public money through the TV channel BTB, the initiator of the creation which he made.

Photo: AFP

$ 1.5 billion of government bonds owned by related Arbuzov offshore companies, the investigators anti-corruption Bureau, was sold to companies associated with Onishchenko. Arrested $ 50 million on the Latvian accounts went into the budget of Latvia due to the fact that investigators have not provided sufficient evidence of guilt Arbuzov.

The agenda the last time I volunteered a year ago, when prosecutors finally took over the pre-trial investigation concerning my mother. 10 February this year, the court arrested the property of the eldest brother Arbuzov – two boats and a car.

Lives in Moscow, there runs a Centre for research into economic and sociocultural upward enhancement of CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe, writes a program to solve the Ukrainian problem, goes to an expert on talk shows and do not mind to return to Ukraine and to head the government.

The most serious allegations from former Ministers of the government of Azarov present ex-the interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko. He is charged under article 115 (Premeditated murder) and article 364 (abuse of power or official authority) – it is primarily accused of mass killings of activists of the Maidan. That ex-Minister of abuse of official position and acts too hard, thought even under Yanukovych – 20th December 2013, the deputies attempted to make a request to the President of the resignation of the Minister of interior, but not enough votes.

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine

In addition, Zakharchenko is accused in the kidnapping of the Secretary of Metropolitan Volodymyr – the thing for which the people’s Deputy Vadim Novinsky deprived of immunity and caused the GPU as a witness. The fourth case – assistance in the establishment and operation of the konvertatsionnykh of the centers for tax evasion and money laundering.

At the same time Affairs Zakharchenko is not just moving – they are. Ex-Minister included in the sanctions list of the EU, the Prosecutor General’s office arrested “all property of the suspect, found at the present time” in the form of Parking, quarters apartments in Kiev, nearly acres of land, near Kiev, at home in the uncontrolled territories of Donetsk region and money in the banks. Gold enterprises Zakharchenko was not arrested – and continue to work.

In January 2015 the former head of the interior Ministry received Russian citizenship, but also from the Ukrainian not going to give up. Openly operates in the so-called “republics” headed the charity Fund of financial assistance to former employees of the interior Ministry of Ukraine and the population of the South-East. His daughter Victoria belongs to a private security Agency, which is now engaged in the maintenance of museums, resorts and government agencies of Crimea.

At the 191st article I want to attract and the former Minister of Finance Yuriy Kolobov. It is called “black accountant of the family” and, together with several high-ranking officials suspected of misappropriation of UAH 220 million, the bond issue for 3 billion in foreign Treasury bonds and the illegal transfer fee in the amount of 450 thousand dollars in favor of the Russian “VTB”.

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

In January 2015, the year the Pechersky district court gave permission to arrest the Minister. In March, the ex-Minister was detained by law enforcement authorities in Spain, however, an extradition of the Ukrainian side refused due to insufficient evidence.

In may 2016 the state office of public Prosecutor has arrested 200 million UAH on account of the mother of the Minister in “Fidobank”, and after the court denied the Minister’s wife all property. In autumn, the GPU was acknowledged that it cannot extradite the Minister, but I hope for his cooperation with the investigation. Do not leave hope and arrest him in any other European country in case of departure from Spain.

One of the most notorious fugitives, former energy Minister Eduard Stavytskyi also is wanted on 191st article. In March 2014 it came with a search warrant and found 42 kg of gold and 4.8 million dollars in cash. Then Stavitsky disappeared from the country.

Photo: Screenshot from the video of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”

According to Interpol, now the former head of the energy Ministry received Israeli citizenship, lives in tel Aviv and not Eduard Stavitsky, and Nathan Rosenberg. The GPU appealed to the Israeli authorities with a request for extradition. All the property of fugitive officials, including real estate and kilograms of gold, arrested.

Stavisky was associated with the company “Golden derrick”, which several years ago had the largest number of licences for gas developments. At the initiative of the Prosecutor General in March 2014, the company’s assets frozen, and the license revoked, but later through the courts license returned – expired term of limitation of the claim of the GPU. Then Stavitsky has achieved removal of arrest from its stake in the “Ukrnefteburenie” and sold their shares in the “Golden derrick” and “Ukrnefteburenie” to the Russian billionaire Pavel Fuchs.

At the end of 2016, the year Yuri Lutsenko said that the BRSM group of companies, which is associated with Stavisky, in the case of the tax evasion being searched. According to the court, the arrest imposed on the equipment of five stations, 41 stations and four offices in the 21-th region.

At the same time, former Minister to cooperate with the investigation and testify ready – but not in Ukraine. A request for the extradition of Eduard stavytsky is still at the discretion of the Israeli authorities. Nathan Rosenberg no one is looking.

Pozabyla the ex-Minister of ecology Oleg Proskuryakov, and it’s still looking for Netpolice to attract under article 364 (Abuse of power or official position). However, working in conjunction with the former Minister of fuel and energy Proskuryakov in high-profile cases investigated by the GPU, not included. Presumably he lives in Moscow, unlike his former colleagues, is not lit.


The former Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko want to draw on several articles – article 255 (Creating criminal organization), article 366 (an Office fake), article 205 (Fictitious business) and article 191 (Assignment, waste of property or mastering by it by abuse of official position).

It is established that Klimenko acting in collusion with other officials from his Ministry, was organized in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Donetsk regions activities of “software” companies, which the rollback was cleared goods at a lower cost. During a pretrial investigation it was also found that the ex-Minister organized scheme of tax evasion by enterprises of the real sector of the economy. In total, by their actions, the former official caused to the budget of Ukraine damage amounting to more than UAH 6 billion.

Photo: Press service Oleksandr Klymenko

Accounts of Alexander Klimenko arrested. The court twice rejected the petition of GPU for the conduct of in absentia proceedings in the absence of the status of the suspect. Finally the 9th of February this year the court of Appeal of Kiev in absentia arrested the ex-Minister, and on March 1, Goloseevskiy district court gave permission to conduct the correspondence of the investigation.

Alexander Klimenko is in Moscow, so expect his extradition is not necessary. However, it seems he really wants to return. However, not in the status of the accused: in Ukraine, the former Minister of revenues and duties now have their own political party, established after the Maidan events. And still have the assets that there is no one to manage after the death of his brother Anton.

Former healthcare Minister Raisa Bogatyreva Natspolitsiya is also looking to attract at the 191st article. The case was initiated on the fact of embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the purchase of immunobiological preparations (63.5 mln UAH) and insulin (279 million).

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of health of Ukraine

20th March 2015-year of the Pechersk district court of Kiev in absentia arrested the ex-Minister. In July of the same year the Pechersky regional court allowed the Geprokuraturoy to hold in absentia conviction. From 2014, the year Bogatyrev is under sanctions of the EU, its assets in Ukraine also arrested. Was wanted by Interpol, but in August of 2016 was taken. Most of the time Bogatyreva lives in the Crimea in foros.

Former Minister of education Dmitry Tabachnik has left the country one of the latest – and most just perestrakhovanie. Now it is looking for SBU (all for the same 191 article), however, no restrictive sanctions against the ex-Minister is not available. Ex-official and his entourage are suspected in the alienation and appropriation of assets of the Ministry of education in excess of 35 million UAH.

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine

To avoid confiscation of property, extended it to parents, however, did not help. In November 2015, the court of Appeal of Kyiv has arrested the residential house, apartment and land to the mother of the former Minister. And at the end of June 2016, the Pechersk district court arrested his Bank accounts in Sberbank, together with available cash and precious metals.

In addition, Tabachnik included in the sanctions list of the EU. Has Israeli citizenship (some still decorated in the 90s), presumably living in Haifa.

The case against the former Minister of justice Elena Lukash at some point turned into a farce, and then altogether died out. First, the former justice Minister accused of involvement in the shootings on the Maidan, however, not found evidence. Then it declared suspicion in forgery and embezzlement of 2.5 million UAH in the course of the fictitious auction.

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine

Lucas was detained on 5 November 2015. After was appointed a ransom of 5 million UAH, which immediately paid Vadim Novinsky, but the police have taken a suspect’s passport and refused to let go. Just after adopted by the court of Appeal of Kyiv of the decision to reduce in two times the amount of redemption and the return passport, Lucas was released from prison.

At the end of 2015, the year Solomensky regional court of Kiev refused to renew restrictive measures against Helena Lucas and released her from custody. In may last year it was suspended, but in October it was announced that the former Minister is in the final stage. Today, Lukas is still subject to EU sanctions, but she has no accounts or property abroad. According to state frontier service, from 2013, the year she left Ukraine.

Photo: Press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Former defense Minister Pavel Lebedev only looking at the 255-th article (Creating criminal organization) of the case of Euromaidan dispersal. Though not so actively: in August of 2016 in Kiev apartment Lebedev finally raided, and in December – was declared wanted. During the search found documents marked “secret” – now promise in March-April to complete their examination. In this case the property of the ex-Minister was not arrested, because his case is not pending civil action, no damages and does not provide for confiscation of property.

Decayed matter in connection with the investigation. At the same time, Pavel Lebedev live an active political and economic life in the Crimea – controls almost half of the construction market of Sevastopol, took his orchards and vineyards formerly owned by the family of Yanukovych, and does not exclude the possibility of his nomination for Governor.