For the 6 months of 2020, the national Telecom operator Vega has exceeded UAH 300 million

Taxes and fees to budgets of all levels are listed in the amount of 58,6 million UAH

The national Telecom operator Vega has completed the 1st half of 2020 with an income of 303, 5 million UAH. If this continues to grow the share of revenues from provision of Internet data services – it amounted to in the first half of nowadays a year 32%, 6 percentage points higher than in the same period of 2019. Income from Internet services via the modern fibre-optic technologies (FTTx, GPON) is 77 million. Regarding the data for 6 months of last year, the amount increased by 15%. As a result of active migration of copper services to fiber optic network revenues from VoIP telephony in the B2B segment increased by 45% (compared to the same period last year).

The company’s net income for the two quarter reached 274,9 million UAH, EBITDA – UAH 65,2 million. Taxes and fees to budgets of all levels are listed in the amount of 58,6 million.

As noted in the press service of the Vega, thanks to the reliable networks and high-quality equipment, rapid adaptation to remote work format and focus on the actual products today, managed to preserve income for months quarantine period at the proper level. However, the financial performance of the company for the 1st half of 2020 was subjected to the influence of the quarantine, which are somewhat lower compared with last year. A slight decline in revenues in the B2B segment due to a decrease in consumption of telecommunication services in offices, industrial and commercial premises or even the suspension of activities (e.g., shopping centers) due to the transition to the remote mode. Another reason for the shortfall is the reduction of generating telephone traffic.

“The main mission of the modern Telecom operator today is to provide citizens, industry and government with reliable communications in all situations. Vega successfully cope with this task thanks to the digital solutions. Big businesses, we continue to organize remote access to cloud servers, AWS and other global giants. The functioning of small and medium businesses help to provide our core services — Virtual office and Virtual PBX from Vega, the demand for which has increased markedly. To try the whole range effective to function and appreciate all the advantages of modern products Vega we provide subscribers with the ability to order the product for a free testing. Our team has done everything possible to during the forced isolation of our users receive quality services. Even in translation mode, the majority of employees in the format of remote work, we were able to provide the services in full,” — said General Director of the national operator Vega Murat Cinar.

Following the safety regulations and observing all the measures to prevent the spread in Ukraine of the virus COVID-19, the company continues to invest in the future and to implement a number of planned projects for the development of high-speed communication technologies, in particular Gigabit from Vega. Capital investments Vega for 6 months in 2020 amounted to 31.7 million. Most of these funds were allocated for modernization and expansion of new Internet zones. Today, more than 20 thousand households in Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa and Lvov have access to Gigabit Internet on technology GPON.