Meeting of the heads of the Russian Federation and Japan: where the “special system”?

In Hamburg, negotiations were held between the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and President Putin. They came to an agreement to hold consultations at the level of Deputy foreign Ministers on the occasion of specifying the joint business activity on the “Northern territories”. However again were not offered the outline of a special legal system, which is a prerequisite for this activity, as well as ways to address the issue of ownership of the Islands.

Just before the summit talks, the Russian side announced the establishment of the Southern Kuril Islands of the territory of advanced economic development. Chances are good that it will work in accordance with Russian law.
There was even canceled planned for next month trip of the former residents of the Islands under the visa waiver program exchange.

We are very concerned that Russia always puts a substantive debate, with the result that everything can be under her control. The government of Japan needs to reassess its approach to the negotiations with Russia.

The leaders of Russia and Japan discussed the signing of a peace agreement. However the details are not reported. Most likely it says that on the issue of sovereignty was not serious progress.

Prime Minister Abe has positioned the joint economic activity as an important step on the way to the conclusion of a peace Treaty. The administration of Hokkaido also has high hopes for the economic component. However first, you need to ensure that this activity will not be contrary to the legal positions of both parties.

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev said that the Southern Kuril Islands will become a territory of advanced development. Russian and foreign companies will be given tax benefits. Already identified 15 places. The system operates under Russian law.

After agreement was reached on joint economic activities, the application of Russian laws on the Islands has been postponed. In this regard, the statement Trutnev can be perceived as that in the South Kuril Islands will be used by Russian legal system.

Said if Prime Minister Abe this aspect in the negotiations? If Tokyo wants to implement a joint activity, it needs to clearly articulate the meaning of “special system” and demand that the Russian side strictly abide by its conditions.

Recently President Putin has often expressed concern that if the transfer of the Islands to Japan, they will be deployed American troops. Also often obvious desire to shy away from discussions of sovereignty.

Some experts believe that such statements affect the way that the Russian side started acting tougher and the program of a visa-free exchange.

It is not known, and discussed whether Putin and Abe this nuance during the last meeting. However, Russia always acts in one scenario: as it comes to territorial issues, it increases the level of requirements, trying to secure a more favorable position.

This should not confuse the government of Japan. It is obliged to follow the rules, standing his ground.

Meeting of heads of Russia and Japan was 18 in a row. Prime Minister Abe praised the trust relationship, but is it possible in this situation to talk about any trust? We must start with the basic question: confirmation of belonging of the South Kuril Islands.