A look at the issues close to Turkey

The occupation of Karabagh us as a nation is extremely disappointed. The fact that he is still under occupation of Armenia, as well as all of us and especially people like me, whose family ancestry is from those regions, even more frustrating.

Nagorno Karabakh was occupied by Armenia at the end of the war with Azerbaijan in 1992 and 1994. In this region was established the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is not recognized by any country and by any international organization.

Karabakh problem cannot be solved with sorrow. It can be solved with prudence and diligence. But there is a catch. The imperialist countries, dictators, exploiters, exerting religious pressure and using education and religion as tools of ideological influence, impede rational thinking. This, in particular, strengthen the support of the Armenians from Iran.

In the Karabakh war, Russia supported the Armenians and gave them weapons. Despite this, for some reason Russia today has influence in Azerbaijan. People still use the end of Russian names “ov” and “ova”. Why the Azerbaijani Parliament adopts a law on names and does not correct this mistake?

Moreover, Azerbaijan together with Armenia Commonwealth of independent States, which is under the control of Russia. The fact that Russia does not matter whether the Azerbaijan democracy. What matters are the interests of Russia.

Iran is home to 25-30 million Azeri Turks. In whatever Tabriz restaurant you’ve been to, you can see that all speak a Turkic language Azerbaijani dialect.

Azerbaijanis in Iran are Shiite Islam. This Azerbaijani region, which is the center of Tabriz, called the Southern Azerbaijan. While Azerbaijan’s population is 10 million. Azerbaijan is also largely professed Shi’ism.

In other words, between North and South Azerbaijan’s national and spiritual unity. In addition, many Iranians continue to buy land in Armenia for farming. Politically Iran also supports Armenia. From time to time in Tabriz and Tehran held a protest against “Pro-Armenian policy of Iran.”

In fact, in 1941, the Great Azerbaijan was occupied by Iran, Britain, the Soviet Union and divided. In 1946, in Iranian Azerbaijan, the Soviet Union established the national government of Azerbaijan. As the capital was the city of Tabriz. But with the departure of the Soviets from the region in exchange for interests in Eastern Europe Azerbaijan were transferred to the Western bloc to the Iranian government.

Now the support of Armenia by Iran, stems from a fear of unification of South and North Azerbaijan. Iran is conducting an intensive propaganda in this direction. Schools that in the period of Pahlavi led training in the Azeri language were closed. Today schools, conducting training on the language of Azerbaijani Turks, no.

In 2010, in Tabriz two thousand residents took to the streets and demanded the right to education in Azeri language.

Religious unity has never been enough to unite people. The “Musavat” party established in Azerbaijan in 1911 Mamed Emin Rasulzade, pursued a policy based on Turkish-Islamic synthesis. The Turkism ideology of this party was the basis for the ideals of the Second constitutional era in the Ottoman Empire. But the struggle of the Ottomans with other Arab Muslim States to the Ottoman lands at that time showed that the Turkish-Islamic synthesis will not be achieved.

In Baku there is a mosque, which was built next to the Turkey with the Turkic mass grave. In 2009, when we went to visit, the mosque was closed. We asked Azerbaijani officials about the reasons for the closure… We said, “Iran used this place as a center for Hezbollah. We have closed the mosque to escape from the occupation hezbollahstan”.


Estender Korkmaz (Esfender Korkmaz) is a Turkish scholar, economist, journalist, politician; a columnist of the Yeni Çağ.