Ukraine hit the top most “pirated” countries

Ukraine was again in the list of the most “pirated” countries of the world (Priority Watch List), who made up the international intellectual property Alliance.

The high level of theft of intellectual property inflicts significant economic damage, says the Alliance, and therefore suggested that the chamber of Commerce of the United States to enter our country against sanctions.

In addition to Ukraine, the black list includes seven countries: China, Chile, India, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Despite the difficult situation, the expert in the field of intellectual property rights protection Natalia Vladimirova believes that in Ukraine to combat piracy really. “The same closure and be very significant for Ukraine in terms of fighting piracy. The problem is not solved, but people are willing to pay money for the quality of the content became more. Young people are already willing to pay the price of 19 UAH for the ability to watch the actual movie in high quality. Already there are sites that deduct money holders, there are people who pay for content is the practice of deduction of payments with radio, cafés, bars,” — said the lawyer. And adds that the fight against copyright infringement should help events information, where would explain how copyright law works and how not to break the law.