Christmas in Ukraine may reach 20-degree frosts

At the end of the week – Christmas in Ukraine is expected of intense cold, up to 20-degree frost. This was reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko.

So, according to her, in the next few days will be small fluctuations in temperature, “a little bit somewhere in the rain, a little fog and light”.

“And will be dominated by relatively warm weather, except at night closer to the Carpathians, and in the East a little pomarosa. But it was the 6th of January, Holy night, – according to preliminary estimates, in Ukraine could break in the Arctic air mass. So 6-7 January in Ukraine is expected cold moderate, to strong. That is, we are talking about reducing the temperature to -12-18 degrees. Minus 20 degrees is also plausible, I will clarify then. Most likely, the “twenty” will affect the West, and later, on 8-9 January, and the Northern region,” the forecaster wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to her, the 6th of January snow expected in the North, West and South part of Ukraine.

“In Kiev, the situation is the same. During the week – nothing special, but from January 6, just in time for Holy night, will be a sharp cold snap, which will include frost and the capital on Christmas day and will continue on 8-9 January,” – said the forecaster.

According to Didenko, the 6th of January snow is expected in Kiev. Temperature in the capital, according to the preliminary forecast -12-15 degrees.