Vegetarianism is detrimental to brain scientists

A new study by scientists from Oxford can become a weighty argument for those who see vegetarianism more harm than good.

So, the British experts conducted a lengthy study that proved that eating only plant foods may lead to reduction of brain mass. In the body after a while there is a shortage of animal protein, and it’s not entirely to be replaced with protein of plant origin, experts have found.

Meanwhile, the human body needs meat, fish, milk, otherwise he will suffer from a lack of vitamin B12. Therefore, in order not to disturb the nutritional balance, be sure to regularly eat foods of animal origin.

Recall that vegetarianism existed several thousand years. This system of power, or rather lifestyle, today, on the planet adhere to about 1 billion inhabitants. According to various sources, most vegetarians in India – almost 80% of the population. In Europe, America, New Zealand and Australia they are just 4-10%.