Easter 2017: customs, superstitions and beliefs of this day

Today is the great feast of Easter. To this day, as in all previous six of the Holy week, has its own customs and traditions.

What are the customs, omens and superstitions on Easter, knows Lisa.

Customs at Easter

The most known custom is the greeting “Christ is risen!”, you need to answer “he is risen Indeed!”.

Long since the old Easter combed hair and thought: how many hairs are left, so many grandchildren they will have. Also common were swimming with gold and silver, which were to bring wealth and prosperity.

Young people climbed on rooftops to celebrate the sunshine, believing in the “playing shone in the Bright Christ Resurrection’s day”. The phrase “watch the sun” refers specifically to this custom.

Girls in Easter week washed with water with red eggs, to be ruddy, took the axe to become strong.

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To hands did not sweat, in the days of Holy Pascha is not picked up salt.

It was thought that with the Easter eggs get relief from all diseases and misfortunes.

Signs of Easter

If the Easter sky and the sun is – for a good harvest and red fly; if the rain – good rye;

As the rain or bad weather on the first day of Easter, so spring will be rainy;

Not skin day – Easter and HLB – not the Pasca;

If Easter pissing proprietor, the vilyazh psenica, and if gospodina – lion;

If the Easter week, will hurt elbow – honey remembered;

If soup fell a fly – expect Dating;

If the lips are scratched – not escape the kiss;

If eyebrows will be the itch – to see loved ones.

Easter beliefs

On Easter “Sun plays” and “on this day, all having fun in heaven and on earth”;

Under Easter Sunday was wrong to sleep because “when you’re asleep, your happiness sleep”;

At Easter all have fun, because who would be sad on this day will be sad the whole year;

If anyone dies at Easter, it is believed that his happy soul will go straight to heaven.

Earlier theologian named three aspects that will revolutionize the idea of Easter and told what the main meaning of the resurrection of Christ.