The science of weight loss: five fresh techniques

Every year scientists are hundreds of studies on weight loss, health and ways to save energy, writes Intelligent Beauty.

1. Eat vegetable protein
Plant protein, from year to year is gaining popularity. Recent studies confirm that this makes sense. Scientists conducted an experiment involving 43 men who were offered three types of Breakfast. The first is a high protein pellet from bean, the second – high-protein patties from veal and pork, and the third low-protein bread from legumes. Men who got the first option, said that they feel more satiated, and for lunch ate at 95-105 calories.

Scientists say that the feeling of satiety was achieved by a combination of in bean protein and fiber. This does not necessarily mean that vegetable protein is better than meat, but be sure to vegetarian fasting is not necessary.

2. Add probiotics to the menu
About the connection of probiotics and gut health already says a lot. But researchers are studying and how they affect weight management. One of the latest news is that bacteria can simplify or complicate the process of losing weight through diet. For example, it became known that the typical American diet makes the microbiome less diverse. Therefore, the transition to a low-calorie diet with lots of plant foods Americans should be patient: the results will have to wait.

Large-scale analysis of 25 studies conducted by Chinese scientists has found a link between taking probiotics and lower body mass index and weight. Maximum results are evident to more than one strain of the bacteria for two months or more.

The relationship of probiotics and weight loss remains to be studied further. But they definitely will help to lose if not weight, then centimeters. Probiotics improve digestion and hence relieve from swelling. Weight can stand still, but the pants will become looser in the waist. So experiment and look for suitable strains.

3. Eat healthy fats
The fact that fat does not cause weight gain, audible from everywhere. But many people are still afraid of this nutrient. Scientists are finding new evidence that these fears have no reason. In a recent study participated 7 thousand men and women. They were divided into three groups, each planted to one of three diets. The first Mediterranean, complemented by olive oil from the first pressing. The second – the Mediterranean, complemented by nuts. The third group was offered a diet low in fat.

In the end, lost the representatives of all groups. But the first menu which was more olive oil, lost about a pound more. They are also more thin in the waist. According to scientists, if you want to maintain weight, intake of healthy fats is better not to limit it.

Plus remember that healthy fats stabilize the level of blood glucose and slow down digestion. So, help longer feel satiety. This will help eat less and lose weight. Such fats should be in every meal.

4. Maintain the rate of metabolism
To lose weight is not a problem. The problem is to keep the weight off. Scientists watched super show NBC Biggest Loser, where fat people lose weight on ultramasculine diet and grueling workouts. The researchers analyzed the history of 14 of them, and found: after six years to postroeniem returned from 31 to 41 kg, and their metabolic rate (the amount of energy used by the body at rest) decreased.

Proven: long-lasting and less stressful weight loss gives a more stable result. No matter what diet you choose. But if you stick to it and train regularly, instead of doing something extreme, metabolism is balanced and will be stable.

5. Don’t worry about genes
Scientists say even if you have the “obesity gene” or FTO, this does not mean that you will wear large size all my life. They analyzed eight studies that studied the effectiveness of different weight loss methods (diet, exercise, pills) for people with FTO. It turned out, he generally did not affect the number of lost kilograms. So with genes you can argue. A certain percentage of success or failure they are, of course, determine, but lifestyle and habits affect the health, no less.