Russia has become a time bomb for the administration of tramp – The Washington Post

Russia has become a time bomb for the officials of the administration of President trump. It was in the pages of The Washington Post writes Dan for Example, reports

“It is important to remember that much is still unknown about all this scandal, in particular, the contacts of the officials of the election headquarters of trump and his advisers with the Russians, the article says. – Undoubtedly, these contacts were. Some of them look routine, but the circumstances and content of these contacts is not fully known. They may little or nothing to clarify – and may clarify something significant,” writes the author.

“The problem of the presidential administration complicates a moment. Trump obviously sees the whole story as an attempt to delegitimize his presidency. The President also continues to evasively answer the question if he believed in the insights of scouts. As a result, he and others are trying to indulge in wishful thinking, pretending that nothing significant happened,” the article reads.

Dan Example reminds you when there are new posts about the contacts of the administration of the tramp with the Russians, the US President has described the calls for further investigation, “witch hunt”. “On Saturday the President used the classical way to try to create a new scandal. Through Twitter , he accused the Obama administration of conspiracy on the wire “of trump tower”. He did not lead any evidence to back this accusation,” writes the author.

“The Russian investigation there are several elements – continues the Example. The most common problem is the attempt of a foreign government to infiltrate American elections and thereby undermine faith in leading a democratic government in the world. It is equally important to answer the question whether there was any secret agreement or cooperation between the staff of the trump and the Russians to harm the headquarters of Clinton.”

“As if Trump wanted to dismiss it all, he can’t. In fact, the investigations are at an early stage. Congress has not even begun to work his witnesses. The looming prospect of spectacular. It became part of the agenda to trump the first year of his presidency, along with initiatives in healthcare and taxation. The President needs a new strategy, designed for the true level of complexity of the Russian problem,” concludes the Example.

Earlier it was reported that the President of the United States Donald trump is very unhappy with his team’s reaction to messages of “relations with Russia”.