Caricature “of Aleksandrovets” — banter over the symbol of the USSR

Uproar caused in Russia the cartoons of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on the crash of Tu-154, carrying the army of the Alexandrov ensemble for performances in Syria. In 2016 the French cartoonists have a sight and an earthquake in Italy, which also was not made clear. Appropriate or inappropriate in such cases, jokes about the “new audience for the red army”, “the bad news, as Putin was not on the deck” and the image of the victims of the disaster as placer pasta?

Review on this issue, “Czech Radio” was provided by the Stepan mares — cartoonist, author of the satirical comic “Green Raoul”, published in the Czech weekly Reflex.

“I saw the Charlie Hebdo cartoons on the Internet, and they did not surprise me. It is a magazine that used to excite public opinion, making fun of absolutely everything. I personally any cartoons on “Aleksandrovets” not painted as it is still a tragedy, people died, the event occurred recently. However, Charlie Hebdo, in this case, I was not surprised. The situation itself urged on cartoonists to take up the pencil. Russia is not accustomed to get over it someone was playing a joke. Putin was perceived as almost a modern idol. And, suddenly, someone begins to laugh, and even over the “Aleksandrovets”, which is considered the “voice of the army.” For us, for Western Europe — a symbol of the Soviet Union. Cartoonists and magazines like Charlie Hebdo this circumstance pushes to the various jokes. Russia and the Russians that actually can not imagine”.

Do not go after all such jokes over the line? A tragedy, as you mentioned, occurred recently?

“Of course, we cannot forget about the people, the families, directly associated with the tragedy. However, the rating issued caricatures let each give individually. Someone will smile, and someone with disgust the magazine will lay aside and not buy it. In Charlie Hebdo’s used to it. The fact, however, remains one — if such an event occurred in Europe, in Western Europe, then I am sure that it could not have raised such a strong wave of rejection in Russia”, — said Stepan mares, author of the satirical comic “Green Raoul” weekly Reflex.